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We are super pleased to announce that you can now pre-order our second air fryer cookbook called Air Fryer Easy Everyday.

You loved our first book so much that your sales made it a Sunday Times Bestseller, so we are back with our second air fryer cookbook, with even more everyday ideas that are super easy to recreate at home with your air fryer. You can order using the links below, or have a read first, for what is so special about Easy Everyday!

Book 2 Front Cover
Air Fryer Cookbook – Air Fryer Easy Everyday by Sam and Dom
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Air Fryer Easy Everyday

Did you know that those of you that bought our first book (you can order it here) and left reviews on Amazon, are responsible for the name of our second cookbook.

You can read the reviews from our first book here.

We got so much feedback telling us that they loved the fact that our air fryer recipes are:

  • Simple to make
  • Easy for those new to the air fryer
  • Everyday recipes
  • Normal recipes
  • Informative how to

I kind of got the impression they didn’t want recipes with lots of ingredients or recipes that were not meals, but were more a main meat, but you needed to come up with the sides yourself.

We then planned the recipes around this and Easy Everyday was born.

Perfect for beginners, everyday ingredients and every recipe I could get the ingredients from a local butcher, greengrocers or just at the supermarket or grocery store on a weekly shop.

Not a weird ingredient in sight!

Then during the editing process, I re-read every recipe and deleted any ingredients that I felt was there for the sake of it rather than really needed. This then avoids the dreaded long ingredients lists.

Though we started making book 2 for you back in November and it feels surreal today to be saying you can now pre-order our second air fryer cookbook!

Order here from the US, or UK, Australia & rest of the world here!

Air Fryer Cookbook – Air Fryer Easy Everyday by Sam and Dom

Air Fryer Oven, Basket, Single Drawer Or Dual?

There are several types of air fryers now compared to when we got our first air fryer in September 2012. There is the oven, the basket, the single drawer, the dual and also the Flexidrawer which is like a huge drawer and a dual rolled into one.

Then finding an air fryer book that suits your model can be so tricky. But we have you covered.  

  • Dual, Basket & Drawer – Every recipe in the book has both dual and drawer/basket instructions. We find most of the time that the recipe is very similar for both of these air fryer types. But in some cases we need a variation. We will highlight in the book which recipes are best in which air fryer, and how to adapt to your type.
  • Oven – We also wanted to cover the air fryer oven as I know this model has a lot of frustrated owners because it doesn’t get much of a mention. We have a full chapter dedicated to the air fryer oven, as well as how to adapt your oven for air fryer basket and dual recipes, so that it can work for you.

Air Fryer Easy Everyday Chapters

Following on from The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook we have focused on everyday recipes and practical home cooking. We also love cooking full meals in the air fryer, using the air fryer for meal prep and leftovers and had this very much in mind for this book.

We want this book to be the one you use a lot in your everyday cooking so have all the daily staples, along with a few special occasion meals for those times of year like Christmas, Easter, Date Night or for when you have some friends over.

Or for those of you cooking for one, so great food for just you, and ways you can adapt the meals.

  • Meal Prep – The opening chapter teaching you everything useful I know about meal prep. What I prep, favourite recipes to prep and to take the stress out of cooking. This also includes a few recipe requests from readers that we are so pleased to be including. 
  • Pantry – How often can you not make up your mind for what you are cooking for dinner. This is when a well-stocked pantry is amazing, because you can just grab and air fry. My favourite of this chapter, which takes me back to childhood is air fryer corned beef hash.
  • Oven – the third chapter concentrates on the air fryer oven. We have two in our house and our favourite feature is the rotisserie and wait until you try our air fryer kebabs – they are amazing. There is also a thought out how to section for those new to the air fryer oven along with how the cook times differ to other air fryers which is invaluable.
  • Poultry – The poultry chapter is another favourite of mine. You loved our bacon wrapped chicken breasts in book 1 and we have an even better one for book 2. We also have a fantastic teriyaki recipe using the meal deal from the local supermarket and how you can turn a money saver, into something delicious that is also a time saver.
  • Meat – Next on the agenda is the meat chapter with some of my favourites. We have meals for 1, 2 as well as bigger meals in this chapter and wait until you see what we do with a pork steak. Plus, who doesn’t love an air fryer doner kebab!
  • Fish – The fish chapter doesn’t disappoint either with some fun ideas as well as some more classic recipes. The kids also asked for their favourite school dinner to be featured and not only is it in this chapter, but their dinner plates are too. So at the photoshoot we took the food from the shoot, then warmed it up at home for them for dinner.
  • Vegetarian & Vegan – I always want to look after the vegetarian and vegans and as a former vegetarian, I love to cook meat and fish free. My favourite from this chapter is between the soup inspired by our weekend in Finland and a delicious vegan curry, that I had to eat all day at the photoshoot as it tasted so good!
  • Potatoes – I am calling this practical potatoes as they are all practical recipes for everyday cooking. All of the potato recipes I could eat everyday and we also have a time and temp chart to make the potatoes even easier to get the cooking times right on.
  • Vegetables – I love vegetables in the air fryer and the more simple the better. We re-created our theme from book 1 of 4 simple veggies with 5 ingredients or less. We also have air fryer cauliflower cheese and a few other classics.
  • Dinners – We also have a fun theme with 7 days of different dinners. These are great for creating a full dinner in the air fryer, rather than feeling you can only make the meat, or just the sides. Out of all the chapters in the book this is my favourite.
  • Baking – We then end Air Fryer Easy Everyday with a baking chapter. Starting with savoury and then sweet you will love the mix of recipes. In book 1 we made chocolate cake, so for book 2 we are talking about a baked cheesecake, which is so yummy!
air fryer easy everday pre-order

Front & Back Cover Reveal

We also have the front and back cover of Air Fryer Easy Everyday for you to check out.

Book 2 Front Cover
Air Fryer Cookbook – Air Fryer Easy Everyday by Sam and Dom

Front – On the front you will see some beautiful pictures but what are those recipes? Well, we have Monday Pie from the 7 day dinners which is very frugal and perfect for saving money, chilli dogs from our pantry chapter, and we love the autumn salad we made. The salad was inspired by a local meal out and I just want to eat it over and over again. Then for your sweet treat on the front of the book we have shortbread with strawberries and cream.   

Book 2 Back Cover
Air Fryer Cookbook – Air Fryer Easy Everyday by Sam and Dom

Back – On the back cover we have a delicious vegan sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry, plus if you look closely you can see our homemade naan bread. We will be teaching you a simple air fryer dough you can use in many recipes. Very practical and money saving too. We also have Dom’s fish burgers, a Spanish baby potatoes recipe and lets not forget about the Oreo cheesecake.

Everything You Need To Know

In book 1 we had a chapter dedicated to everything you need to know about the air fryer. Since then, we have been known as the air fryer manual you never had.

We are continuing this into book 2 with even more useful information you need to know about air fryers.

Plus, with this book dedicated to different types of air fryers, we are including useful information for different air fryer types to make learning the air fryer even easier for you.

Reader Requests

We also get many requests for recipes, so when we started recipe testing and researching for a second book, we reached out and asked our readers what they would like.

Our favourite requests that are in this book include Karen’s request for some chorizo, Allan asking us to show him how to flavour chicken and Sue’s request for some smoked haddock.

How To Pre-Order A Copy!

It would mean so much to us if you would pre-order a copy of our air fryer cookbook today! In the US Or Canada click here, and the rest of the world including the UK, Australia, South Africa, click here.

I have some great pre-order bonuses coming so make sure you keep your receipt.

Plus, a cookbook can be successful or fail, based on the amount of pre-order sales. It also gives shops and online retailers an idea of how many copies they need to stock.

We sacrificed Christmas, worked from 9am to midnight for many weeks to bring you this cookbook and it is the BEST EVER COLLECTION of air fryer recipes, tips, and techniques to help you use the air fryer.

Why Pre-Order A Copy?

Air Fryer Easy Everyday will go on sale on the 19th of September in the UK and 17th September in the USA/Canada.

But if you pre-order you get:

  • The cookbook the day before everyone else
  • If it sells out at the time it is published, then you are guaranteed a copy
  • You will receive a pre-order guarantee which means you will pay the lowest price in the build up to the publication date. I often see new cookbooks reduced from £20 to £10 during the pre-order process.
  • You don’t pay until the cookbook is sent out to you. So, if you pre-order one today you wont pay a penny until it is posted to you on the 18th September.
  • Pre-orders make a HUGE difference to the success of a cookbook. Something I didn’t know until I started creating this cookbook.
  • Pre-orders often include some bonuses (what they are will be discussed closer to the time). Make sure you keep your email receipt from Amazon when you pre-order.
air fryer easy everday pre-order

FAQ – Air Fryer Easy Everyday!

  • How many recipes are inside? At the time of writing and as we finish planning what is going on each page, it 142 everyday air fryer recipes. Our cover to the one you see above will be updated with a final count closer to publication date.
  • What types of recipes are they? Easy, everyday beginner friendly air fryer recipes. There is also something for everyone and there are many dinner recipes included in this book, so don’t expect a book of air fryer snacks.
  • Are your air fryer recipes healthy? Most of our air fryer recipes are healthy. But we have not gone out and decided to make a healthy air fryer recipe cookbook, its just that most air fryer recipes lend themselves to being healthy. Though of course, if you are on a diet, then you better stay away from the sweet treats section!
  • What about gluten free? There are many, many, gluten free recipes and many dairy free recipes too. We haven’t done a final count of gluten free recipes but we do expect it to be a high number of the recipes.
  • What about full dinners? Yes, we have full meals all happening in one air fryer basket. Forget just using the air fryer to make some potatoes, we are doing full meals. Such as our moussaka, enchiladas, pork steak dinner for one, chilli con carne, lamb roast and many others.
  • Are there meals for one? Yes, we have several recipes that are for just one or two people, and recipes that are easy to scale up or scale down depending on how many people you are feeding. We also have some handy cooking for one tips too.
  • Are they all new recipes? They are mainly new recipes, with some reader favourites included. For example we have air fryer chilli con carne included, but we have made it better and adapted it for different air fryers.
  • Are there recipe photos? Yes, there are plenty of gorgeous recipe photos and we also have plenty of step by step photos too. I hate recipe cookbooks when there are hardly any photos and in some cases none. You don’t have to worry about that, with most recipes featuring beautiful photos.
  • Which air fryers have been used in the recipe testing process? We used our Philips Air Fryer XL (our favourite) the Cosori 5.7l, 3 different Ninja Dual Air Fryers, a small Salter air fryer for cooking for one, Tower Air Fryer Oven, The Power Air Fryer XL Oven and also some cheap supermarket air fryers.
  • When will the air fryer cookbook be available? The complete air fryer cookbook is going to be published on the 19th September around the world. No waiting if you live in the US as it will be available in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia at the same time.
  • Are the recipes imperial or metric? The air fryer recipes are both metric and imperial. If we did a book for each, then that would mean that in Canada they would have to share imperial with the US and this way you have the choice of both.
  • How much did you cook for this cookbook? No idea, I just know that I cooked everyday for full days for a few months. Plus, we were always running several air fryers at the same time. Then we also had recipe testers also testing it and then during the photo shoot for the cookbook photos, then recipes will be tested again during the process. I do know that we have gone through a lot of extra virgin olive oil and when you think most recipes call for just 1Tsp per serving, then you know a lot of food has been made!
  • What happened to all the food you cooked? We ate some. The kids ate some. The recipe testers ate some. The neighbours ate some. I gave food away on Facebook to people in need and the dog took anything that fell onto the floor and loved it when we were testing the meat recipes.
  • Can I pre-order a copy of the cookbook now? Yes, you sure can. Click here for the US/Canada, then click here for the UK/Australia and the rest of the world and you will be able to make your pre-order. You then get to enjoy the perks of pre-ordering a copy of the cookbook and not waiting for when it is in the shops.

A HUGE Thank You!

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for following Recipe This, printing our recipes, being part of the community and its down to YOU that we are here today celebrating the pre-order phase of Air Fryer Easy Everyday.

We have loved creating all these different air fryer recipes for you, making current recipes even better, and thinking outside the box to create lots of new air fryer recipes.

If you do need any help with your air fryer right now, then please do get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

Need Air Fryer Help Now Whilst You Wait For The Cookbook?

What we also have is a completely FREE air fryer mini course. It’s a daily course for 5 days that teaches you some of the easiest air fryer recipes as well as getting you confident with the air fryer.

It makes a fantastic companion to our air fryer books, plus you will then be added to our weekly newsletter and be informed of all updates for the cookbook.

free air fryer mini course

Plus, if you have not tried out our first book yet, then you can find out more about it here.

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