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Did you know the complete air fryer cookbook was made for countries like Canada that operate on a metric and imperial system.

All 140+ air fryer beginner recipes feature both metric and imperial and both UK and USA/Canada food names. Making it the first ever international air fryer cookbook made by air fryer experts.

Air Fryer Cookbook Metric
Air Fryer Cookbook Metric
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Air Fryer Metric & Imperial Cookbook

We have readers from around the world and have found that there is a big mix between who is on metric and who is on imperial.

This comment is from Kat, and she is a follower of our air fryer recipes. We have to agree there is no posh dinner food – just food you would cook for dinner everyday for your family. The air fryer pork chops to the frozen chips/fries to the scones. It is just simple food you would cook everyday.

Growing up in the UK, metric was introduced when I was at school and now here in the UK recipe cookbooks are usually metric only.

We often see a growing number of complaints because the over 50’s were educated in imperial and can’t get their head around metric, or that the younger generations of Canada for example were moved to Metric yet the US cookbooks they read are on imperial. 

This is from Julie and I love the way she described our cooking nobody has described it that well in the 8 years since we started Recipe This. We love to have the balance between frozen and homemade and don’t want people to feel guilty by eating frozen food in the air fryer. In the cookbook we will be sharing with you a good balance and offering you time and temps for a lot of the homemade food with frozen alternatives.

I notice the biggest reason for 1 star reviews of cookbooks on Amazon is that the cookbook they have purchased is on the wrong measuring system than themselves. Usually because an American cookbook author is selling books in Canada and the UK and no metric has been included.

That is why we created the complete air fryer cookbook in a way that makes it perfect for everyone regardless of where you live and what system you use.

With EVERY Air Fryer Recipe In The Cookbook, You Can Expect:

Metric & imperial – We have grams, kilos, and litres for the metric readers. As well as ounces, pounds, teaspoons and tablespoons and cups for our imperial readers.

Temperatures are in both too – Expect to see Celsius and Fahrenheit in all recipes. We also have made our time and temps chart for both C and F to keep everyone in the loop for what temperature to cook our air fryer food at.

This is a quote from the late Dick Baker. We have a recipe dedication to him in the cookbook and an avid reader and also who helped with research in the making of this cookbook he sadly passed away during the process of the cookbook being made. RIP Dick.

Food names – now this is another interesting conversion we have thought about and implemented in your cookbook. That is having both the British and American/Canadian/Australian wording so that you know what food we are talking about. Such as mentioning zucchini and courgette, plain flour and all purpose flour or even red pepper and bell pepper and capcium.

Food that is available everywhere – we have also avoided cooking with foods that some countries can’t source and gone with average foods. This is also great for keeping your shopping bill down.

Worldwide recipes – we have plenty of great food for an American or a Canadian thanksgiving, self saucing pudding and air fried lamb for our Australians, along with plenty of British food including homemade Yorkshire puddings. You will just love the worldwide variety.

15 Reasons Why You Will Love Our Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

During the making of our air fryer cookbook, we wanted to offer an air fryer cookbook that everyone would love, that would be helpful to every air fryer user and give them plenty of fresh ideas.

Here are a few more reasons why you will love our air fryer book:

Cheap – I love to save money on groceries, and I am the one that is at the shops the day after Christmas to get the discounted turkeys. That is why during recipe development I have focused on ingredients that you can buy for less and have made many recipes using Aldi produce. Then for authenticity we photographed some of our air fryer recipes in the studio with Aldi ingredients.

air fryer baby potatoes from the cookbook in a george air fryer with aldi produce
This is our baby potatoes recipe from the cookbook – made in the George from Asda air fryer with produce from Aldi.

Uncomplicated – Who wants to come home and make a complicated recipe? Not me. I’m slow at prep (says the chef hubby) and I want something simple, that tastes delicious that reminds me of how uncomplicated air fryer cooking is. Expect a quick air fryer roast chicken, how to cook sausages, salmon, and veggies and so many others.

Popular – We used Google data to see what the most popular types of air fryer recipes are and made sure these are featured. This then gives us a cookbook featuring the most requested and most eaten air fryer recipes for you rather than party food/snacks that are the norm in air fryer cookbooks.

Frozen – There is no denying the most popular air fryer food is frozen. The convenience of loading your frozen favourites into the air fryer for dinner or even for a late-night snack. We have a frozen section at the start of the cookbook as well as a few air fryer frozen recipes throughout the cookbook.

air fryer frozen chips in the air fryer cookbook
Sometimes you just want to eat frozen chips/fries in the air fryer after a long day and you don’t have the energy to cook dinner. In our cookbook we have frozen chips, veggies, wings and even fish and chips.

Charts – You will also find some time and temp charts for quickly accessing to help you quickly know the time and temp of one of the simple recipes. Such as how long to air fry sausages for, or how about how long to air fry your favourite veggie?

Portions – We have many people that are cooking for one, and also families and couples. We made many recipes for one, as well as recipes for families and recipes that are easy to scale up or scale down.

Experts – We are also experts in the world of air frying. We were the first to ever blog about the air fryer, we have been air frying for 10 years (11th anniversary next month) and Dom is a chef. Just think when you see an air fryer cookbook elsewhere, you wouldn’t take food advice off an unqualified chef in a restaurant so why in a cookbook?

Delicious – The recipes are delicious that are featured in the cookbook. Many are recipes we personally cook in the air fryer all the time. We have many recipe testers in our team, there was our kids giving the thumbs up and 2 chefs testing the recipes along with a lovely local lady cooking them for her and her family.

International – People that visit Recipe This live around the world. We have readers from the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, United States, Canada, South Africa, and many other places. We wanted to create an air fryer cookbook that was perfect for everyone. We have gone international with both metric and imperial and re-phased part of the cookbook so that everyone understands all the ingredients mentioned. For example, take peppers. In the UK we would just say red pepper, in the US they are called bell peppers and of course in Australia it’s the capcium.

metric and imperial complete air fryer cookbook
This is how the ingredients looks in just one of our recipes. This was a hard task but we wanted to make sure the cookbook was perfect for imperial and metric and gave you great options as well as name changes for different foods.

Brands – We also fully appreciate that not all air fryers are equal and that they have different issues and also operate on different time and temps. Just like you can have that bad oven vs a really good one. We have a section in the cookbook dedicated to explaining the differences and how to tweak our air fryer recipes for different brands. Then during the testing of your air fryer cookbook, we have tested the recipes with several air fryers including the cheap supermarket air fryers, regular air fryer baskets as well as the ninja foodi.

Calories – Many people that use the air fryer do so as part of a calorie-controlled diet. We have included calorie counts per serving on our recipes and were amazed to find that 115 of our 140 recipes are below 600 calories per serving!

Master – I am a big fan of a master recipe that you can learn first, and then practice the technique with several variations. We start each chapter with a master recipe such as how to air fry steak for the meat chapter, how to make perfect air fryer chips (French fries) for the potatoes chapter, or how to make bread for the savoury baking chapter. You will love the attention to detail in these sections of the cookbook.

Photos – I am sure you are one of many that have ordered an air fryer cookbook and it has arrived without photos. This is not just an air fryer cookbook with photos, but we also have several air fryer recipes in the cookbook with step by step photos.

air fryer whole chicken step by step
Here is our whole chicken with four step by step photos showing in detail how to cook your first whole chicken in the air fryer. This recipe is a total life changer and wait until you see our step by chips recipe too.

Course – I wouldn’t just call this a cookbook, but more cookbook meets course. With lots of step by step photos (as mentioned above), the focus is more like a course that you can follow along at home at your own pace, and master one technique in the air fryer at a time.

Variations – This was planned from the outset when we tested the air fryer beginner recipes for you. We wanted to start you off with a master recipe and then give you some variations to make it your own. Such as a master air fryer bread recipe that you could use to make pizza with, garlic rolls and mini bread loaves. It would then add more ideas to your own air fry cooking of ways you can make the recipe your own.

air fryer mince master recipe
I love this air fryer ground beef recipe from Recipe This or as us Brits call it “minced beef”. We re-tested this for the cookbook but added in variations. That means in the cookbook not only do you learn how to air fry the meat but also how to turn it into a Bolognese, taco meat and sloppy joes.

Why Pre-Order A Copy?

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook will go on sale on the 19th September in the USA and Canada, 21st September in the UK, and 3rd of October in Australia.

But if you pre-order you get:

  • The cookbook the day before everyone else
  • If it sells out at the time it is published, then you are guaranteed a copy
  • You will receive a pre-order guarantee which means you will pay the lowest price in the build up to the publication date. For example in the UK that is currently £10.
  • You don’t pay until the cookbook is sent out to you. So, if you pre-order on the 31st January you wont pay a penny until it is posted to you in September.
  • Pre-orders make a HUGE difference to the success of a cookbook. Something I didn’t know until I started creating this cookbook.
  • Pre-orders often include bonuses. We are including a free time and temp chart for everyone, plus the chance to win our air fryer course and our top air fryer accessories. More info on this here.

FAQ – The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook!

  • How many recipes are inside? At the time of writing and as we finish planning what is going on each page, it is 116 air fryer beginner recipes. But with the variations added in and the frozen recipes we have included there is a grand total of 180 air fryer beginner recipes. Plus you also have several cooking time charts in the cookbook too. If you count everything we have tested for the air fryer beginners cookbook there is well over 200 recipe ideas for you to try out.
  • What types of recipes are they? Easy, everyday beginner friendly air fryer recipes. There is also something for everyone and there are many great air fryer dinner pairings to make these recipes your own.
  • Are your air fryer recipes healthy? Most of our air fryer recipes are healthy. But we have not gone out and decided to make a healthy air fryer recipe cookbook, its just that most air fryer recipes lend themselves to being healthy. Though of course, if you are on a diet, then you better stay away from the sweet treats section! We did do a calorie count and found that over 80% of the recipes are below 600 calories.
  • What about gluten free? There are many, many, gluten free recipes and many dairy free recipes too. There is also plenty for our vegetarian readers and some vegan recipes too.
  • What about full dinners? Yes, we have full meals all happening in one air fryer basket. Forget just using the air fryer to make some potatoes, we are doing full meals. Such as our baked potato bar, steak and chips, pork chops dinner for one, English breakfast and many others.
  • Are there meals for one? Yes, we have several recipes that are for just one or two people, and recipes that are easy to scale up or scale down depending on how many people you are feeding.
  • Do you include cooking time charts? Yes, we do. We have several cook times charts throughout the cookbook that will help you with some of your favourite recipes that you want to convert to the air fryer. Specifically, we have a frozen food chart, veggies chart, steak chart to name a few.
  • Are they all new recipes? They are mainly new recipes, with some reader favourites included. We also have fresh takes on air fryer recipes we have done before and turned some of our favourite simple 1 ingredient air fryer recipes into full meals. I.e. whilst we have air fryer frozen salmon on Recipe This, we have air fryer salmon bowls in the cookbook.
  • Are there recipe photos? Yes, there are plenty of gorgeous recipe photos and we also have plenty of step by step photos too. I hate recipe cookbooks when there are hardly any photos and in some cases none. You don’t have to worry about that, with most recipes featuring beautiful photos.
  • Which air fryers have been used in the recipe testing process? We used our Philips Air Fryer XL (our favourite) the Cosori 5.7lA Gourmia Air FryerA Tower Air Fryer and also some cheap supermarket air fryers.
  • When will the air fryer cookbook be available? The complete air fryer cookbook is going to be published between the 19th September and the beginning of October depending on where you live in the world.
  • Are the recipes imperial or metric? The air fryer recipes are both metric and imperial. If we did a book for each, then that would mean that in Canada they would have to share imperial with the US and this way you have the choice of both.
  • How much did you cook for this cookbook? No idea, I just know that I cooked everyday for full days for a few months. Plus, we were always running 2 air fryers at the same time. Then we also had recipe testers also testing it and then during the photo shoot for the cookbook photos, then recipes will be tested again during the process. I do know that we have gone through a lot of extra virgin olive oil and when you think most recipes call for just 1Tsp per serving, then you know a lot of food has been made!
  • What happened to all the food you cooked? We ate some. The kids ate some. The recipe testers ate some. The neighbours ate some. I gave food away on Facebook to people in need and the dog took anything that fell onto the floor and loved it when we were testing the steak recipes.
  • Can I pre-order a copy of the cookbook now? Yes, you sure can. Click here for the US/Canada, then click here for the UK/Australia and the rest of the world and you will be able to make your pre-order. You then get to enjoy the perks of pre-ordering a copy of the cookbook and not waiting for when it is in the shops.

A HUGE Thank You!

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for following Recipe This, printing our recipes, being part of the community and its down to YOU that we are here today celebrating the pre-order phase of The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook.

We have loved creating all these different air fryer recipes for you, making current recipes even better, and thinking outside the box to create lots of new air fryer recipes.

If you do need any help with your air fryer right now, then please do get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

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Hi! I am Sam and along with my chef hubby Dom we love sharing with you easy everyday recipes using kitchen gadgets. We are also the authors of The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook, an amazing air fryer cookbook filled with 140+ everyday air fryer recipes.

Beyond the air fryer we also love the instant pot, slow cooker, soup maker, ninja foodi, pie maker and several other kitchen gadgets.

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