Blender Virgin Daiquiri Recipe

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Virgin Daiquiri Recipe. Introducing to one of the easiest, most refreshing mocktails that is perfect for children and adults alike. This almost healthy virgin daiquiri is made in the blender and easy to mix and match with different frozen fruits and different holiday seasons.

Blender Virgin Daiquiri Blender Recipe
Blender Virgin Daiquiri Blender Recipe

Virgin Daiquiri Recipe

Welcome to my Virgin Daiquiri in the blender. Updated for the summer of 2020 after originally sharing it with you back in 2017 and a favourite in the Milner house for both the kids and the adults.

Up until originally making Sofia a virgin daiquiri in the summer of 2017, after having a virgin daiquiri recommended to me, I had never made one, heard of one, or even thought about having one.

Up until then, the only cocktail I had ever made was sangria and never realised there was so many choices for families.

Back then Sofia was a year and a half old and I was pregnant with Jorge. So today, it puts a smile on my face as I show you a few versions of a virgin daiquiri to make at home with your kids.

With simple everyday ingredients and a blender, its so easy and the kids will love helping you make it.

What Is Virgin Daiquiri?

What is a Virgin Daiquiri?

Virgin Daiquiri is basically a cocktail that is free of alcohol and has a strong citrus focus.

The citrus fruit is commonly lime though you can often see lemon being used. After citrus fruit the second most common ingredient is sugar.

There are many variations on a Daiquiri with some featuring just rum, strawberries and sugar and many having a twist on famous cocktails.

The name Daiquiri comes from an American mining engineer. He was working in Cuba at the time and named the drink after a local beach.

It then became popular in America when it was tried out among the cocktail scene in New York City.

The drink was originally served in a tall glass packed with cracked ice and a teaspoon of sugar would be poured over the ice. It would then have fresh lime squeezed over the sugar.

It has been modernised a bit since but that is the basics.

Does Virgin Daiquiri Have Alcohol?

You will see many daiquiri recipes online and get confused when you see them loaded with rum.

In fact, the most common daiquiri is a strawberry and rum version.

But virgin means alcohol free in cocktails and means that a virgin daiquiri is free of alcohol and is considered more of a mocktail than a cocktail.

Are Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Healthy?

I think of my virgin daiquiri as moderately healthy. Of course, it is homemade, therefore you know exactly what is going into it.

BUT best of all, there is less sugar in it compared to the ones you buy, and you are not adding in extra sugar, just the sugar from the ingredients that are included.

Also, if you follow Weight Watchers you can also reduce the calories by using diet sprite rather than full sugar.

Blender Virgin Daiquiri at

Virgin Daiquiri Ingredients

Firstly, let us talk about the basic ingredients that make a virgin daiquiri and then secondly the mixing and matching you can do for the season.

  • Frozen Fruit – Used instead of crushed ice and stops your daiquiri from being bland.
  • Fresh Lime Juice – Gives it that amazing Cuban flavour that will make you think you are in the Caribbean.
  • Juice – A combination of sweet juice is used as the liquid for when you blend the frozen fruit. It will make it easier for your blender to do its job and give it a delicious taste when done.

My favourite daiquiri combinations include:

  • Virgin strawberry daiquiri with frozen strawberries – Reminds me of summer and its easy to get frozen strawberries any time of the year. Though do add the strawberries slowly as some blenders cant take a lot of frozen fruit blending.
  • Virgin strawberry daiquiri with sprite – I use either sprite or 7up when I make the kids their mocktail. I also add in kids fruit juice to give it a kick. You could also use apple juice.

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

To make a virgin strawberry daiquiri with frozen fruit is so easy and this is just how quick and simple it is:

  1. Load fruit juice and sprite into the blender along with lime juice.
  2. Add frozen strawberries a little at a time and blend as you add the strawberries.
  3. Keep adding strawberries until it is thick enough.
  4. Add a little red food colouring to make it bright red, stir and serve.

Seasonal Virgin Daiquiri

When I think virgin daiquiri, I am thinking of something patriotic for the 4th of July and I am sure you are too when you see the beautiful colours.

But it does not have to be about the 4th of July to enjoy the main flavours of a virgin daiquiri.

Most of the time I fill the blender with just a strawberry version of the mocktail and then pour them one each into their Mickey Mouse plastic cocktail cups.

It is the easiest version to make and so good for when you are feeling hot and sweaty in the summer.

Blueberry virgin daiquiri

Entertain the kids at Halloween by adding in extra blue or black food colouring to their blueberry daiquiri. They will be impressed and will spend the day asking you what colour their tongue is.

You could also swap the food colouring for different seasons such as green for St Paddy’s Day.

If you want to make some amazing drinks for your kids this summer then look no further than a Virgin Daiquiri.
Virgin Daiquiri
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Blender Virgin Daiquiri Recipe

Virgin Daiquiri Recipe. Introducing to one of the easiest, most refreshing mocktails that is perfect for children and adults alike. This almost healthy virgin daiquiri is made in the blender and easy to mix and match with different frozen fruits and different holiday seasons.
Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Blender
Servings: 2
Calories: 354kcal


Kitchen Gadgets:

Virgin Daiquiri Ingredients:


  • Load 1/3 of the lemonade and fruit juice into the blender. Add frozen strawberries a few at a time, making sure your blender can handle them and that the thickness works for you. Add a few drops of red food colouring if you want it bright. Load into the bottom of your drinking cups
  • Rinse the blender and load into it 1/3 of the lemonade and fruit juice along with the crushed ice. Blend and add in lime juice and layer on top of your strawberry in the cups.
  • Load into the blender the last of the fruit juice and lemonade and the blueberries. Blend until you have a slushie blueberry layer. Add in a little blue food colouring for 4th of July or triple it for a Halloween style look.


You can make just a strawberry virgin daiquiri or make just a blueberry virgin daiquiri if you prefer.
After lots of experimenting we found the best results came from using sprite or 7up over a cheap brand of lemonade and the strawberry layer was the nicest.
If your Daiquiri is not thick enough add in extra frozen fruit or if its too thick add a little extra lemonade.


Calories: 354kcal | Carbohydrates: 88g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 2g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 33mg | Potassium: 663mg | Fiber: 10g | Sugar: 67g | Vitamin A: 146IU | Vitamin C: 154mg | Calcium: 68mg | Iron: 2mg
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Blender Virgin Daiquiri recipe
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