1. So frustrated! ☹

    Recipe says cook for ZERO minutes!!? So we just eat it raw?!? What is the point of putting it in the cooker then?

    Too, the link on this page for Instant Pot Chinese Beef & Beans only takes me to a mouth-watering photo ☹

    My first time at this website and already zero for two ????

    1. Hi

      The recipe says cook for zero minutes because that is the terminology used. It does not mean just place it in the pressure cooker and then take it out. You set the pressure cooker to 0 and it still takes time to get to pressure so cooking the Bok choy as it gets to pressure anytime added would overcook the bok choy 🙂

      This link might help you out: http://recipethis.com/instant-pot-terminology-instant-pot-beginners/

      As for the link that took you to a picture of some really nice food sorry about that the link was broken 🙂

      1. I have a digital pressure cooker, but it’s a no-name brand (lacks some of the better features that an Instapot / Instant Pot branded pressure cooker has), so thank u for clarifying the meaning of “zero minutes” (to bring it to pressure, then turn it off)… super helpful information… and the link too! Thank you for taking the time to reply.

        Shame about the Instant Pot Chinese Beef & Beans tho… I would have wanted to try that one… looked absoloutely delicious!!

        1. Thank you for replying. We try to help out best we can as can only have the most popular brands as this is what most people use, but we try to help with other brands if we can a there are so many out there now.

          The Chinese beef and beans we did, got no one visiting the post so we delete posts when going back for 5 years and if they do not get any visits we try and update them but sometimes it is best to delete and we try to remove all links but we sometimes miss some, sorry about that 🙂

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