1. Hi Samantha
    Firstly thank you for the emails I receive with wonderful recipes and tips etc. I am looking at this about your new cookbook which I would be interested in buying as I do not use Kindle or ebooks.
    What I wanted to ask is, would the recipes in this book work for a small 3 litre air fryer. I am a pensioner and live on my own so I only have a small air fryer and I a bit confused as to how I can do a full meal in such a small one. Or do you have a hard copy of any of your books that are more suitable for one person?
    Many thanks and regards
    Christine Waters

    1. Hi Christine,

      Yes it is a proper cookbook not an ebook. The recipes are specifically for a larger air fryer than the one you, but all recipes can be adjusted to help if you have a smaller air fryer 🙂

      1. Thank you. I am aware that this is a proper cookbook but I have noticed a lot of your cook books are ebooks. Do you have any other proper cookbooks rather than ebooks?

        1. Hi Christine,

          Yes we have a lot of ebook cookbooks but this one is an actual book. It is a physical book that you can order from various places but is not released until September 2023. We do not have at this time any other proper cookbooks 🙂

  2. Happy birthday Samantha, no more 39. 😉 In Lodi, Northern California.
    I’m a proud father of a new Cuisinart AirFryer TOA-60 Oven.

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