1. Do you not add any kind of bread,cracker or dry oatmeal to take juice of meat? Also what about an egg to bind it tigether? Maybe your ground beef is courses than USA. Just wondering .

    1. Hi W jordan,

      I have always wondered the same in the other direction as in why American mince recipes call for so much egg and bread crumbs. May be it is down to the fat level in the mince but with this recipe i have not had the problem.


  2. 5 stars
    Oh i have looked at having a virtual gastric band hypnosis. Problem is I have a fear of anaesthetic real or not when did you have it done? Does it really work. Was it a hypnotherapist or a recording?

    1. Hi Angela,

      Yes it did work for a while and with regular exercise me and my hubby both lost weight. We used the Paul Mckena hypnotic gastric band which came with a book and digital download of the trance, you can find it on Amazon very easily 😊

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