Instant Pot Slow Cooked Turkey Breast

Welcome to my latest recipe in the Instant Pot and today we are enjoying succulent turkey breast slow cooked to perfection with a delicious marinade. Description = first sentence of blog post

Welcome to my latest recipe in the Instant Pot and today we are enjoying succulent turkey breast slow cooked to perfection with a delicious marinade. This is particularly good if you have some leftover turkey to use up or you want to slow cook a turkey so that you can then use that turkey for several meals.

Well that is what we plan on achieving right here and now.

If you have been following our combat turkey waste features this month, you will know that we are using up the turkey we bought over Christmas and that we have already used up our turkey legs, our turkey wings and one of the turkey breasts. This is the last of the turkey breasts and we plan on slow cooking the turkey (in this recipe below) and then using that turkey breast to make lots of delicious rice dishes.

It is also a lesson learnt in using up leftovers and being frugal and how you can pay out for a turkey breast and then got a lot of meals out of it.

We used to waste a lot of food (probably talking about 10 years ago now) and now we love to use every last bit of food and make good use out of everything.

What I love about a turkey breast is that it is a LOT bigger than chicken breasts and it is the perfect size for my Instant Pot. I can also make the best use out of the Instant Pot. I can start it off on the sauté setting to make that delicious crispy turkey skin then I can have the slow cooker setting to cook it in a delicious stock.

It was also so quick to marinate that while I marinated it my son made pancakes for lunch and I had it on before he had served every one.

Then when the turkey is done you could even chop it up and use it for packed lunches for work or in salads, soups or pasta dishes. I just have a thing for rice. HINT HINT loads of turkey rice dishes coming over the next few days!!!

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Instant Pot Slow Cooked Turkey Breast
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Lay out the turkey breast (skin side up) on your chopping board. Massage into the skin all the olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Place it into the Instant Pot (skin side down) and cook for 5 minutes on the sauté setting.
  3. While it is browning your skin – in a mixing bowl add all the ingredients apart from the turkey stock and mix well or until the honey is no longer sticking to the rest of the marinade. Add to it 100ml of the turkey stock and mix again.
  4. Turn the turkey over in the Instant Pot and change the setting from saute to slow cook.
  5. Pour over the turkey the marinade and place the lid on the Instant Pot.
  6. It will naturally set it to slow cook for four hours and leave it on this setting. After 2 hours add the rest of your stock over the turkey.
  7. After the final 2 hours have been completed remove the turkey from the Instant Pot, place it on the chopping board and allow to rest for 15 minutes before slicing it up.
I used my Instant Pot with the sauté followed by the slow cooker setting. Instead you could put your turkey on for 15 minutes on the hottest setting of a regular slow cooker, then turn it down and cook as normal.

Also if using an Instant Pot don’t feel you need to buy a proper glass lid. I just put the normal Instant Pot lid on I just didn’t set it to sealing.

The cooking time stays as the same whether your turkey breast is tiny, medium or above average. Therefore no need to weigh out the turkey just throw it all in!

For turkey stock I cheated and used a container of my old chicken bone broth. I then opened a container that had ½ litre of broth that had been defrosted from the freezer. Using a sieve I removed the fatty bits and then used it like turkey stock.

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