Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma

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Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma. How to make lamb shawarma at home using the instant pot pressure cooker. An easy to source mildly spiced marinade along with tender lamb makes this the perfect instant pot dump and start middle eastern recipe.

Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma
Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma

Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma

Let me introduce you to my favourite way for cooking lamb in the instant pot pressure cooker.

Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma is so delicious and if you have not had it before think of it is as a middle eastern version of pulled lamb.

If you love my slow cooker Asian pulled pork then you will fall head over heels completely in love with this homemade lamb shawarma recipe.

In a nutshell you marinate your lamb first, then throw the marinated lamb into your instant pot pressure cooker with lamb bone broth.

It then cooks in a similar way to pulled pork and when you are done, you use your favourite meat claws to shred your lamb.

Job done and you then think about what to eat with lamb shawarma.  

What Is Lamb Shawarma?

Firstly, I am sure you want to know more about what lamb shawarma is prior to cooking it for the first time in the instant pot.

The quick version is that lamb shawarma is a middle eastern pulled lamb recipe.

For me it is like a luxury alternative to pulled pork and I have it during lamb season in spring. I will also buy extra lamb when in season and freeze it for later.

But shawarma goes beyond lamb. It is also associated with marinated mutton, veal, beef, chicken or even turkey.

Because it is common in the middle east it is often served as a wrap or flatbread and has an association with street food.

Lamb For Shawarma?

Any diced lamb will work for shawarma. I prefer to use diced lamb that has come from the shoulder of lamb, but you can also use leg of lamb or another cut.

If your local butcher doesn’t have any lamb chunks, ask them to cut you some shoulder next time you are there.

But when cooking lamb for shawarma in the instant pot you can use much bigger strips like the lamb pieces you see in my step by step photos.

Is Lamb Shawarma Good For You?

Absolutely! Lamb shawarma is made from a marinated cut of meat at home and then cooked in a healthy bone broth.

You could even have lamb shawarma if you follow a keto or paleo diet.

It’s the sides and the add ons that make lamb shawarma bad for you!

Is Lamb Shawarma Gluten Free? The next question I am sure you want to know is if lamb shawarma is gluten free well it certainly is.

But that is on the assumption that you are using gluten free flatbread or omitting the flatbread.

How To Marinate Lamb Shawarma?

Lamb Shawarma Marinade

It starts with the lamb shawarma seasoning and the lamb shawarma rub. I like to place all the shawarma ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix with a spoon.

Then load the lamb into the bowl and make sure the lamb is well coated in the rub.

Then place the shawarma in the fridge in a zip lock bag for a few hours to marinate before placing the lamb shawarma into the instant pot pressure cooker to cook.

For a better depth of flavour marinate your lamb shawarma rub overnight.

Lamb Shawarma Plate

Lamb Shawarma Plate

What I love to do is serve my lamb shawarma on a plate and then load it up with my favourite add ons.

Such as tomatoes and chickpeas and serve it as a salad. Or just eat it as it is with an extra sprinkling of seasoning.

If you don’t follow a gluten free diet, then I recommend Dominic’s homemade flatbreads as they are the business. You can get the recipe here.

Lamb Shawarma Flatbread

Then load them up with your favourite shawarma sauce and eat in silence, because talking when food tastes this good is not an option.

Lamb Shawarma Ingredients

You’re probably thinking that you need to source lots of weird lamb shawarma ingredients, especially with it being a middle eastern food.

Well the ingredients that make up lamb shawarma are basic everyday pantry staples that most people have on hand:

The shawarma rub seasoning is also rather simple and includes:

For kitchen gadgets I used:

How To Make Homemade Lamb Shawarma?

Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma step by step

Making homemade lamb shawarma is EASY. Once you make lamb shawarma for the first time it will get you excited over making it again and again.

Lamb shawarma is this simple:

  1. Load your marinade ingredients into a bowl, mix and toss your lamb in the marinade.
  2. Add your lamb and marinade into a zip loc bag and marinade overnight.
  3. Sauté your lamb in the instant pot, add bone broth and cook until incredibly tender.
  4. Shred with claws and eat!

How Long To Cook Lamb Shawarma?

There is a total cook time of 65 minutes for our lamb shawarma. It includes 5 minutes for a quick sauté of your lamb and to season your instant pot.

This is then followed with a 60 minute pressure cooker time to cook and tenderise your lamb.

Lamb in the instant pot can be cooked much quicker than this, but this makes your lamb incredibly tender in the same way slow cooking does.

Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma

Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma

Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma. How to make lamb shawarma at home using the instant pot pressure cooker. An easy to source mildly spiced marinade along with tender lamb makes this the perfect instant pot dump and start middle eastern recipe.
Cook Time1 hour 5 minutes
Total Time1 hour 5 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Instant Pot
Servings: 2
Calories: 755kcal


Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma Recipe Ingredients:

Shawarma Rub:


  • Load the marinade ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Cover the lamb well so that it is evenly coated.
  • Place the shawarma rub and the lamb into a marinade bag and and leave in the fridge overnight to marinade.
  • Place the instant pot on sauté and add your extra virgin olive oil. Wait for it to warm up and add your marinated lamb along with your lemon juice.
  • Toss a few times so that the marinated lamb has a little colour and that the marinate has come off a bit and has seasoned the bottom of the instant pot.
  • Cancel the sauté and add in 1 litre of lamb stock and stir.
  • Place the lid on the instant pot, set the valve to sealing and cook for 60 minutes.
  • Use quick pressure release (QPR) and remove the lamb from the instant pot.
  • Place on a chopping board and shred with meat claws.
  • Serve with homemade wraps and yoghurt sauce.


We had a lamb shoulder cut and removed the bones and sliced it. Any diced lamb or boneless lamb from the butchers will work well.
We made Dominic’s homemade wraps and then loaded them up with yoghurt sauce.
You can reserve the spare stock from the instant pot for lamb stock for the freezer.
There may seem to be a lot of seasoning. This is because when pressure cooking it dilutes it and the flavour is not as good if you add the same amount you would use in the slow cooker.
Its important you marinate overnight, otherwise the lamb can end up bland.
For lamb stock for my lamb shawarma I used some of my instant pot lamb bone broth. I then mixed my lamb bone broth with the leftover marinade from the bottom of the bag to add to the flavour.


Calories: 755kcal | Carbohydrates: 18g | Protein: 95g | Fat: 34g | Saturated Fat: 10g | Cholesterol: 293mg | Sodium: 318mg | Potassium: 1856mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 5781IU | Vitamin C: 41mg | Calcium: 159mg | Iron: 16mg
Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.
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Instant Pot Lamb Shawarma recipe

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