1. 5 stars
    Great idea thank you for sharing. I have tried it in the air fryer too and do find that the box cakes made in the instant pot are better.

      1. Hi Rhonda,

        Yes you could, if the cake came out more firmer, ours was lovely and gooey inside so we just decided to go with the one layer 🙂

  2. Help what am I doing wrong???
    First cake never cooked in the middle after1 1/2 hours. Second one too dense. I read and read all over internet.

    1. Hi Sherry,

      For your first cake did you check to make sure the instant pot or pressure cooker actually came to pressure as this is a common problem where it does not actually come to pressure?

      Your second cake could be the actual box mix you are using. We used one like you can see in the recipe that is like a lava cake in the middle so we found it to be lovely and the timings were correct for the box mix we were using.

      Also make sure it is cooking on full pressure not half as this can sometimes effect how the cake comes out 🙂

    2. I also can’t ever get a cake to bake all the way through in 25 or 35 minutes. I always set my instant pot to Pressure Cook High for 55 min and do a 10 min hold then release. And I cover my cake pan with a paper towel trimmed to a 1/4 inch past the pan edge and tin foil, trimmed

  3. hi, I am making the bites and your recipe for bites says 12 minutes and 10 minutes natural release. but here you said you do bites same as the cake 25 minutes,,,,well I will see in 10 minutes lol

  4. I leave out one egg and replace with flavored yogurt, bake in a fluted pan, comes out moist, I e lemon in yogurt, in yellow, strawberry or raspberry in chocolate, or any flavor you like

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