1. Some excellent advice here, you do not get too many instructions with your microwave and your steamer basket is a real god send, many thanks.

  2. I have a Sistema style Steamer container which has a vent at the top which you may leave closed (probably for storage) or open. I have long ago lost the leaflet and am not sure if the vent should be open or closed during steaming because the Microwave Steamer Bags are sealed and puff up while in they Microwave. The vent on yours appears to be able to ‘Pop’ open or be pulled open whereas the one on mine is not able to (I think, – not going to test, the container cost a fortune).
    SO – do I open or leave closed the Vent. (I hate the steamer bags btw cos you cannot tell if the veg is done without opening of course and then the bag will no longer seal).
    reply to: james@goachehr.com

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