1. I’ve been living in Ecuador for almost five years and I’m trying to remember what a large cauliflower looked like in the States. The large ones here are 12″ (30 cm) across (or larger). I know I can get smaller ones in the grocery store but I prefer the fresh markets. The smallest I think I’ve seen there is at least 8″ (20 cm) across. Can you take a guess at either the width or the weight of what you generally use? I’m thinking the small here would work.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      I am not sure if the US ones will be too big. We find that with US recipes that portion sizes tend to be a lot bigger. For us the large cauliflowers we use have a weight of between 1.1kilos and 1.3kilos so when you go and buy a cauliflower aim or ones that weigh around this amount. Or sometimes we use a couple of small ones together to get the weight.

  2. Oops, I forgot to mention that it sounds amazing and I can hardly wait to try it. I have all the ingredients in my fridge and I may even try it tonight without the info on the cauliflower.

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