The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories

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Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories. You’ve decided to cook your own Instant Pot Freezer Meals. You are super excited over what Instant Pot Freezer Meals you’re going to make.

But you have one BIG PROBLEM and that is finding the best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories, especially suitable containers. Let us help you with our ultimate guide to the BEST Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories & Containers.

The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories
The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories

Instant Pot Freezer Meals

If you have not guessed yet, the month of February on is dedicated to Instant Pot Freezer Meals. As a working mum of 3 Instant Pot Freezer Meals is something that I have become very passionate about.

I love the idea that I can just grab something from the freezer, reheat it in either the Instant Pot or in the oven and have lunch and dinner on the table without any stress.

But one of the most confusing things when you get involved in Instant Pot Freezer Meals is what accessories and containers to use. Whether or not to do PIP Instant Pot cooking or just throw it all in the Instant Pot.

Today I would like to share with you EXACTLY what type of Instant Pot containers we use, so that you can get a better understanding of PIP Instant Pot Freezer Meals.

But BEFORE we get to that you need some good ideas for your Instant Pot Freezer Meals.

We have put together 2 different Instant Pot Freezer Meal Packages that are jam packed with freezer cooking ideas.

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  • Instant Pot Curry Freezer Meals – Using a diet model we show you how to make a massive amount of curries in less than an hour. Perfect if you love curry and your partner doesn’t and you want a stash for the freezer.

Instant Pot Freezer Meal Containers

The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories

You look at all the different freezer meal containers and are overwhelmed as it whether it will fit in your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, whether it is too small, too big, will break it or will take too long to cook.

Well here are my personal picks from our own Instant Pot Freezer Meals that will help you decide exactly which Instant Pot Freezer Containers are best for you.

But before we start please note we have this 8 litre Instant Pot and unless otherwise stated all the below will fit both the 8 litre and the 6 litre Instant Pot Pressure Cookers.  

Glass Bottom Plastic Top Freezer Meal Containers

Firstly, it is all about a similar style. Where you have a glass bottom and a plastic top container. You can add a label to the top of your container, so that you know what is in it and as soon as the food is cool, place the plastic lid on the top and freeze the meal.

Then when it comes to reheating your freezer meals, remove the plastic lid, place the freezer meal on a steamer shelf inside of your Instant Pot and set and forget.

My favourite glass bottom freezer meal containers is this one. It’s a massive bundle and is the perfect starter kit to get you going with Instant Pot Freezer Meals. You have a choice of sizes and its perfect for if you want to cook your main in the oven and your sides in the Instant Pot.

The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories

#1 Glass Bottom Rectangle Containers

You’re probably thinking that the Instant Pot is not rectangle and that they can’t possibly fit. But look at this picture:

The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories

This is the biggest size that will fit in my 8 Litre Instant Pot and it measures:

  • Width = 15cm/5.9 inches
  • Length = 21cm/8.2 inches
  • Holds = 1.8 Litres/7.2 Cups/61oz

This is HUGE and will take a lot of freezer food in your Instant Pot but also you need to remember that it will also take quite a long time to cook in pot in pot cooking.

I would recommend having one of these, not just for freezer meals but general Instant Pot cooking. You also have your limit and know that anything smaller will nicely fit in the Instant Pot and it stops you worrying about the size.

In the Milner kitchen we have:

As well as this we also have a few with the same depth but are more a square smaller size and in our 8 litre Instant Pot we could fit two of them. They hold 1.2 litre of food which in cup measurements is just short of 5 cups.

#2 Glass Bottom Round Containers

I love little round containers as I know they will always fit in the Instant Pot and that they don’t take up much room in the freezer. They are perfect for freezer soups, freezer sauces or freezer stews.

Looking through our collection we have:

Though our favourite is what we call our super tall round containers. They JUST fit on the steamer shelf in the Instant Pot with the lid on and are perfect for a family pasta dish.

In fact, we used them recently to make a chicken pasta dish and when dished up we couldn’t believe how much pasta we had left over.

#3 Glass Bottom Jars

I love glass jars for the Instant Pot. Not only do they fit into the Instant Pot easily, but you can fit into the Instant Pot several jars at once. You also have fantastic lids for storing food in the fridge or freezer in between cooking.

You can also use these jars for when you are making Instant Pot Yoghurt or for taking on picnics to the beach. I would aim for owning at least 4 of them that way you can do some amazing freezer meals. Plus, soup also works well in them too.

To cook with glass jar containers, I recommend Ball Wide Mouth Pint 16-Ounce Glass Mason Jars with Lids.

More fantastic glass storage containers for the Instant Pot:

Zip Loc Freezer Meal Bags

The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories

Even though Pot in Pot (PIP) cooking is perfect for reheating freezer meals in the Instant Pot, they are time consuming. I found on average that cooking directly in the main Instant Pot inner pot is 3 times as quick.

You can bag up a freezer meal into a Zip Loc or similar bag and then pour them directly in before cooking.

Add a little water to the pot and then you have dinner!

But for Zip Loc bags you’re looking for ones that are:

  • Sturdy and don’t tear easily
  • Leak Proof
  • Easy to rinse ready for next time
  • 1 Litre+ In Size

I found that the best Zip Loc bags are:

Silver Foil Freezer Containers

The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories

I am very picky when it comes to what I will use to cook my freezer meals in. Silver foil containers are not the best and I have had accidents in the past.

Once I was placing loads of curries on top of each other, one fell over and I had curry all over my freezer. Not exactly the easy freezer meals plan I had in mind!

But one size I do LOVE are the tiny round ones. They are perfect for a little leftover soup or sauce that you can save for later.

They are also cute and don’t take up much room and perfect for freezing yoghurts for the kids as well.

Here are the little silver foil containers we recommend you use.

Ceramic Freezer Containers

Ceramic is my all-time favourite for freezer meals. The only problem is it’s the most expensive option. It’s a lot more to buy compared to just grabbing a silver foil tray, a zip loc bag or a glass bottom container.

On the plus side, we often nearly always have some ceramic dishes in our kitchen cupboard that will fit in the Instant Pot.

Just look below at the picture of what I found in my kitchen:

But of course, it is nice to have a look just to see if there is anything else you want to add!

#1 Ramekins

I love a cute little Ramekin and for freezer cooking you can prepare desserts, egg-based breakfasts, mini frittatas and so much more in them. I have used them in my freezer for years and never had a problem.

When cooking in the Instant Pot with ramekins place them on top of your steamer shelf and you can cook with 4 ramekins at once.

Here are the best ramekins for the Instant Pot:

#2 Ceramic Dishes

I love a ceramic dish. They are perfect for the Instant Pot because you can cook a small casserole in them and then finish them off in the oven when you add breadcrumbs to the top.

Of course, its all about the size fitting in the Instant Pot and out of ones that fit I would recommend:

#3 Ceramic Mugs

I love the idea that you can use a mug to heat up your food in the Instant Pot or make lots of mug sized meals and then grab them out of the freezer as and when you need them.

It is such an amazing concept especially when you are just feeding one person and it is perfect for soup, stew, leftovers etc. Simply remove the lid before cooking and you’re all set!

I would recommend the following options:

Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories

You have the Instant Pot Freezer Meal Containers that you plan to use, but what else do you need?

#1 The Baggy Holder

I love the baggy holder. If you spill your food as you load it into a zip loc bag then this is dedicated to YOU. The baggy holder keeps your bag open so that you can successfully pour your food into the bag without any spillages.

#2 Erasable Food Labels

I love the idea that I can write on my food label and then after cooking erase it off. Before buying erasable food labels I was always going through so many regular labels.

#3 8 Litre Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

I have owned the 6 litre Instant Pot Pressure Cooker for 2.5 years, but I added the 8 litre Instant Pot to my collection for making freezer meals.

This is because the 8 litre is the biggest and it is perfect for batch cooking in bulk. Forget just freezing one bag of leftovers, you can freeze several with your 8 litre!

Click here to find out more about the 8 litre Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.

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The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories
The Best Instant Pot Freezer Meal Accessories
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