How To Make The Best Ever Homemade Turkey Gravy

Welcome to how to make the best ever homemade turkey gravy recipe.

Welcome to how to make the best ever homemade turkey gravy recipe.

I always remember at Christmas and at family Sunday dinners my mum would be there over the stove making homemade gravy to go with the meat. It was always absolutely delicious and full of flavour.

I was never a huge gravy fan as I would much rather have my sauce from my veggie bake rather than from the gravy, but I still tried some and it was always amazing.

But I could never really understand why she bothered. I mean we would have a cupboard full of processed foods after all it was the 90’s. You would have cans of baked beans, OXO cubes, corned beef, spaghetti and meatballs and many others. With gravy granules being such a big part of the roast dinner it always made me impressed that she made the gravy herself.

On the other hand when I left home I was lazy. I went and bought the gravy granules and didn’t see anything wrong with this. Then a couple of Christmas’s ago Dominic introduced me to his homemade gravy and it was out of this world amazing gravy. It was like I was lost in gravy heaven.

Since then we have never used gravy granules in our cooking and this is Dominic’s signature turkey gravy for you all to tuck into. Plus remember making your own and reusing the ingredients that you already have means that it is a very frugal gravy.

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How To Make The Best Ever Homemade Turkey Gravy
Serves: 500ml
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 250ml Turkey Juices
  • 1 Chicken Stock Cube
  • 1Tbsp Corn Flour
  1. Place your turkey juices in a saucepan on a medium heat until the juices start boiling and fat raises to the top. Skim the fat off the top with a ladle until all the fat has been removed from the top.
  2. Place the turkey juices in the blender and add to it 250ml of cold water, a chicken stock cube (or some chicken stock). Then add your corn flour and then blend until it resembles lovely thick gravy.
  3. Place in gravy boats and serve.
You can re-use the same gravy recipe for when you have different meats. For example you can use the juices of a beef roast to make beef gravy, chicken gravy or lamb gravy. All you would need to do is alter the stock to fit in with this.

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