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    Growing up American, I was deprived of this miraculous food until my late 30s, early 40s, somewhere in there. I instantly fell in love when I discovered them. When I got my air fryer a few months ago, Scotch Eggs were one of the first things I tried out! I’d been using the broiler in my oven for years, so the air fryer was the obvious next healthy step. I could never deep fat fry those things, the very thought makes me gag…

    However, one thing I DO add that I haven’t seen in any “official” recipes (though I can’t possibly be the only person who does this, coz it’s so yummy), is that during the cool-down, I put a nice slice of cheese onto each egg. Provolone is a good one, or mild cheddar if that’s not available.

    Anyway, I’m delighted to see this recipe here! Scotch Eggs instantly became a favorite classic at my house!

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