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We have BIG news at Recipe This. After 10 years of air frying, we signed a cookbook contract just before Christmas and are super excited to be bringing you the best air fryer cookbook in 2023.

This air fryer cookbook will be for YOU. Loaded with air fryer recipes that you have asked for, in the style that you have asked for, and with all the usual tips and tricks that we share with you about air frying. 

Big News Recipe This is Making An Air Fryer Cookbook!
Big News Recipe This is Making An Air Fryer Cookbook!
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My Love Affair With Cookbooks

I learnt how to cook from reading cookbooks and following the advice of my chef boyfriend. Who is now my husband of 20 years.

I just love cookbooks, and from reading my first to the zillion I have now read, they have helped me learn so many cooking skills.

The first cookbook I followed was Mrs Beetons (1960’s print), followed by Jamie Oliver. I also love the little Bero baking books and have a few other favourites.

stack of cookbooks

So, to say that ours will be stacked with theirs in our sitting room is AMAZING and we wouldn’t be able to do this without you, and your continued support of Recipe This over the years.

That is why I wanted you to be the first to know that we are bringing out a cookbook and to tell me which recipes you would like included.  

The Air Fryer Cookbook Is Finally Happening

The Air Fryer Cookbook Is Finally Happening

For years we have been approached by publishers and our readers, asking us if we would bring out an air fryer cookbook.

Many of our readers were complaining that there was no quality cookbook available and when was we going to do one.

Well, it never felt like the right time.

Then we had one week when we had the most requests ever for an air fryer cookbook. As we always take feedback seriously, that comes in, we decided to look into it further.

We found a great literary agent, an amazing publisher and signed a cookbook contract at an extremely busy time.

It was the weekend before we bought our house and was moving, and two weekends before we were going to Lapland.

We seriously had our work cut out, achieving everything and on tight deadlines too.

But for you, we were up for the challenge.

Tell Me What You Want

Going back to the Spice Girls lyrics of the 90’s tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

We’ve been using the air fryer for 10 years and know what we love but would love to know what you want.

Are there specific recipes you’re looking for, do you want calories included, are you looking for gluten free, would you like a full meal cooked in the air fryer.

Just ask away.

Simply add your comment in the form below and it will land directly in our inbox, and we can see what we can do.

Recipe Development Stage

If you are wondering where we are at right now with the cookbook, then my first answer is what we call recipe development stage.

We have spent the Christmas holidays testing recipes and submitting them to our lovely publisher. She is amazing and helps us think outside the box and what else we can achieve.

Because we are currently at the process of recipe development it means that the cookbook hasn’t been written yet. Chapters have been decided but essentially the cookbook is a blank canvas waiting for your input and waiting for us to create those recipes.

Recipe Development Stage

We just can’t wait to make a cookbook for YOU.

Though when I say we, I mean the five of us. Jorge and Sofia have been working very hard on the baking section, eating melted cheese, and looking forward to what they get to try next.

And of course, Allie wants that fried chicken so much!

allie fried chicken

Are You New To The Air Fryer?

If you are new to the air fryer and want a resource you can use right now and then be in the loop with any cookbook updates, scroll below to join our FREE air fryer mini course.

buy our own complete air fryer cookbook

Plus, as well as our extremely popular air fryer mini course which teaches you the air fryer basics in 5 days, we also have our air fryer bucket list. That is loaded with 30 FREE bucket list worthy air fryer recipes.

Click here or on the banner above and you will have access to both in an instant.

Listen To Magic With Gadgets

We have also dedicated an episode of Magic With Gadgets to info about our new air fryer cookbook and can’t wait to share it with you. Simply press play or access it via your favourite podcast player.

You can use the player above to listen to this episode of Magic With Gadgets. Alternatively search for Magic With Gadgets on your favourite podcast platform or click the links below:

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  1. Great news, sick of all the dross out there and especially all the books that are filled with American recipes, i have emailed you about this and you have assured me there is a few American recipes but mainly it is a book for everyone, so count me in for a pre order, i do not want to miss it.