Airfryer Baja Fish Taco Recipe

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Welcome to my Airfryer Baja Fish Taco Recipe.

Welcome to my Airfryer Baja Fish Taco Recipe. Delicious summer fish tacos with the help of our Airfryer. Loaded with fresh mango and fresh cod it’s a recipe keeper for your family.

I love white fish. I am the granddaughter of a fisherman. I used to love going out on the boat with him and the smell of the fresh fish he was catching. Even now when I am at the harbour and smell fresh fish I think of him.

Unless you are catching a high end piece of fish such as the fish caught on Deadliest Catch then the chances are is that the money will never pay well. It is a poor job with often a case of going weeks without a living wage and many fishermen work below the poverty line.

But the one perk is that you have an endless supply of fish to take home with you for supper. Delicious fish that you can make a huge amount of different dishes with. My grandad also grew his own fruit and vegetables in his allotment so this meant that the money spent on food was very, very little.

BUT OMG he made the best ever fishcakes, fish stew and I absolutely loved the way he cooked batter with a piece of fish.

Though if he had a few too many beers, then the food would be very salty as he would have added the salt more than once, because he would have forgotten in his drunken haze.

He also loved a variety of food in his diet and he would absolutely love these:

Welcome to my Baja Fish Taco Recipe.

I could just imagine if he was a fisherman today, that we would be sat on his bench outside in the summer sunshine, tucking into them and commenting on how great Mexican food can be and why cod is just the best!

Sadly, he died when I was 11 years old at Christmas 1993, so this moment is not going to happen. BUT he will always be the grandad that made cod exciting.

My husband Dominic on the other hand, will only eat cod if it is battered, as he says like a typical Englishman that it’s the only way we should eat cod. Here in Portugal the way we eat cod is salted in a bake.

A bit like how the Brits love their Oceans Pie but with some cheese in it. Bacalhau as they call it is one of my favourite Portuguese foods and my own personal way for enjoying cod.

But I talked him in to making a big batch of this and he was in love.

Though with a teenage boy at home too, I will be lucky if I get just one of them to myself:

Welcome to my Baja Fish Taco Recipe.

To make these delicious Baja Fish Tacos we made our homemade tortilla wraps first, tossed our cod in a marinade, cooked them in the Airfryer, made our mango salsa and served it all up.

You’re probably expecting something over complicated but it really is not. It is simple, hearty and so easy for a delicious family supper. We original recipe tested this on a Thursday night when we just wanted something simple.

You can even be frugal load it up with extra vegetables and then you will need less cod in the tacos and then one piece of fish would stretch enough to feed six of you!

All 3 kids joined us in the kitchen and we love it like that as it’s so much fun.

Jorge at 9 months spent the time running around the kitchen in his baby walker and you need shoes on, so that he doesn’t run you over! Sofia spent the time trying to steal all the food and flooding the kitchen with her toddler washing up skills.

But thankfully having Kyle around and him being a teen around means that you have someone that is exceptionally good at preparing the food and makes it feel like there are 3 adults present.

And that is how our kitchen rolls during recipe testing evenings!

I may add that they tasted delicious and it’s amazing what a great job the Airfryer does of making Baja Fish Tacos. It is like genius and is a must have if you want a really nice fish taco.

What Are Baja Fish Tacos?

Welcome to my Baja Fish Taco Recipe.

Tacos De Pescado is Mexican for fish tacos. As they originate from the Baja California region they are often referred to as Baja Fish Tacos.

They consist of grilled or fried fish (or in our case Air Fried Cod) and are usually served with lettuce or cabbage along with salsa, sour cream or a citrus mayonnaise. It is loaded inside a big fat tortilla wrap.

Best Fish For Fish Tacos?

Best fish for fish tacos

We all have our different recipes when it comes to Baja Fish Tacos and there is always an expectation over which one is best and what is the best fish to use for fish tacos.

Well there is no right or wrong answer. The main thing you need to think about is that for what you plan to do with it, then you need what I would call a sturdy piece of white fish.

So forget those really cheap freezer portions of white fish that holds more water than fish. It is useless for what you want to achieve and just wont cook without falling into little flakes of flavourless fish.

Choose a white fish that is of a certain quality so that it holds little water. We choose some salt free cod fillets.

You’re probably wondering is why we used cod?

Well there is no rule on the Baja Fish Tacos just as long as you have a good Mexican flavouring and that it is white fish. Cod just happens to be the go to white fish here in Portugal and OMG it tastes so good.

Plus as food bloggers we find that around the world we all have different ingredients available to us and we can’t all source the same things. But around the world we always have cod….so why not have cod tacos???

Air fryer Baja Fish Taco Recipe

Delicious breaded Mexican spicy cod. Served with a mango salsa and a citrus mayonnaise and served in fresh homemade tortilla wraps.
Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time13 minutes
Total Time33 minutes
Course: Appetizer, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine: Air Fryer
Servings: 4
Calories: 465kcal



  • Peel and chop the red onion and mango into small chunks. Put to one side.
  • Clean and chop the fresh cod into bite sized pieces. Season it well with salt and pepper along with ½ the coriander.
  • In a large mixing bowl add all the seasonings including the rest of the coriander, ¾ of the red onion that you chopped earlier, the garlic, the eggs and mix well. Add in the quark. Add in the juice and the rind of 3 out of the four limes and mix once more until you have a smooth batter.
  • In a blender blitz ¾ of the oats until it resembles fine breadcrumbs and mix it with the unblended oats. Mix in the oats into the batter.
  • Add the fresh cod to the batter and make sure it is well coated.
  • Place the battered cod pieces to the grill pan inside the Airfryer.
  • Cook for 10 minutes at 180c/356f in your Airfryer. Give it a shake and cook for a further 3 minutes at 200c/392f.
  • When the fish is cooked add it to the just cooked wraps and then fill the top with the mango and red onion mix. Season with the lime juice of the last remaining lime. Season with salt and pepper and serve.


You could use a sour cream marinade instead. However I went with a citrus mayonnaise made with quark instead which is also a great healthy choice.
You can also add avocados but I found that there was so much in the fish taco that I didn’t need to.
I also like to add a little of the bits of fish that has crumbled along with some fresh coriander before serving.
The juice from the mango gives enough liquid that you don’t need a separate mayonnaise.


Calories: 465kcal | Carbohydrates: 81g | Protein: 25g | Fat: 9g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 103mg | Sodium: 285mg | Potassium: 1068mg | Fiber: 21g | Sugar: 13g | Vitamin A: 1307IU | Vitamin C: 48mg | Calcium: 610mg | Iron: 16mg
Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.
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Baja Fish Taco Recipe
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