Whole30 Prawn Cocktail Soup Maker Soup

Welcome to my Whole30 prawn cocktail soup maker soup recipe.

Welcome to my Whole30 prawn cocktail soup maker soup recipe. If you’re looking for something quick, exciting and healthy during your Whole 30 challenge then this soup maker recipe is for you!

In my mind when it comes to diets there is always two things that make you want to quit and head for the chocolate bar. The first is that the food it was really boring and involves a lot of lettuce eating (or rabbit food at the hubby calls it) or secondly you’re never full.

Well with this delicious homemade prawn cocktail soup recipe we are doing the opposite. Not only is it really filling so that you will feel full for hours, but it is also fun and tasty to eat at the same time.

The flavours of it are all about my love for a prawn cocktail. I remember whenever I went out to a restaurant for a meal it would always be the prawn cocktail that I would have as a starter before my main meal arrived. It would be absolutely delicious and was often were my addiction to prawns came from.

Roll on a good twenty years and it is still up there among my favourite foods. Living in Portugal and on the Mediterranean means that it’s all about the seafood and the size of the prawns here are huge and they are so cheap too.

I used to go to a Brazilian restaurant that was about 30 minutes drive down the road. They did a fantastic buffet service and I would always get excited by all the salad items and the prawns and seafood sauce. I would build my own prawn cocktail and it was always amazing.

That is where the inspiration came from in his recipe as I wanted to show a totally different take on prawn cocktail. A bit like a deconstructed soup version. I hope you like it and if deconstructed is your thing then also check out my salad soup that I wrote this time last year as that one is just as good!

You can find out more about the Whole30 by clicking here.

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Whole30 Prawn Cocktail Soup Maker Soup
Serves: 2
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Place all your ingredients into the soup maker and steam for 25 minutes.
  2. Remove a couple of prawns for decoration, and then blend the rest until you have smooth prawn soup.
  3. Serve.
I have also tried this recipe with lobster as well and find that prawns work best as the lobster flavour can be over powering.

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