Sizzling Air Fryer Turkey Fajitas Platter

Welcome to my sizzling air fryer turkey fajitas platter recipe.

Welcome to my sizzling air fryer turkey fajitas platter recipe.

After talking you through how to make my delicious homemade tortilla wraps yesterday on the blog, I wanted to kick start lots of great recipes using it this week and nothing is better than with some turkey fajitas.

I absolutely love fajitas and if you have ever tried my chicken fajitas in the slow cooker you’ll know that I love a quick recipe that makes the perfect meal for a family supper.

But the slow cooker can take a while and not everyone has the time constraints to put it on mid afternoon for it to be ready for when they finish work later in day.

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That is when this turkey fajitas platter comes along. This is using the leftover turkey from Christmas in a more salad type setting. If you think that you hate salad then you’ll revise that judgement after trying these out.

They are full of flavour, the turkey doesn’t go dry and you can serve it up with a variety of dishes or just as it is. When we have this we will usually have some Mexican rice with it or some pulled pork.

But the main reason for this dish is that it requires very little cooking and is rather frugal compared to some Friday night suppers that you could be having.

You can also change this around for whatever white meat you have leftover in your fridge and you could even do it with leftover sausages. Also because it is chopped, seasoned and thrown in you can get back to putting your feet up or opening a bottle of wine.

So before you reach out to turn your leftover turkey into another turkey and mayonnaise sandwich then give this a go first.

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Sizzling Air Fryer Turkey Fajitas Platter
Serves: 2
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Start by slicing up your salad. Chop your avocado into little wedges. Dice your red onion. Slice your peppers into thin slices.
  2. Chop up your turkey breast into small little chunks.
  3. Place the turkey, peppers and onions into a bowl and mix with all the seasonings along with the soft cheese and then place in silver foil and air fry for 20 minutes on 200c.
To stop your turkey from going dry you need to add moisture/liquid to it before you cook it like I have done in the recipe above. Its also important that you silver foil it to again stop it from going dry.

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