Paleo Meatball Soup In The Slow Cooker

Welcome to my Paleo meatball soup in the slow cooker recipe. This recipe combines tomato sauce, meatballs and vegetables all in one dish for the perfect Paleo meal.

Welcome to my Paleo meatball soup in the slow cooker recipe.

Don’t you just hate it when you go on a diet or you decide to eat healthy and every meal time seems to involve chicken and vegetables or fish and vegetables?

Well this recipe is one of those that prove a point. It proves that Paleo is not about bland diet food but it is about having a good dose of vegetables in your diet and really enjoying your food.

I will confess now that I am a huge fan of meatballs. They are one of my favourite foods and snacks. I love them in a meatball sub, as party meatballs with my late aunts’ delicious recipe or just as a traditional meal with some spaghetti.

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But how about in a soup? Whenever I mention soup to Dominic he gives me that look of torture and why do I have to feed him soup. But add some seasonal vegetables to a homemade tomato sauce with homemade meatballs and I have him hooked.

I reckon you could talk any soup hater round with this delicious invention.

It is also 100% Paleo and I am sure your kids will go back for seconds and maybe even thirds!

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Paleo Meatball Soup In The Slow Cooker
Serves: 2
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Start by making your meatballs. In a bowl mix the meatball ingredients together and make into 12 medium sized balls. Put them to one side.
  2. Fill your slow cooker with whatever vegetables you have decided to use. For us we used onion, tomato and courgette so that it had a Mediterranean feel about it.
  3. Cover with your tomato sauce and mix well.
  4. Finally lay your meatballs on top and cook on high for 2 hours.
  5. Serve with a little coconut milk on top and some fresh chives.
If you leave the slow cooker on for another 2 hours what will happen is that the meatballs will break down and you can enjoy burger soup instead. It just depends what you prefer with your food.

When using my tomato sauce recipe the only difference you need to make for it to be Paleo is to remove the garden peas.

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    My mouth is watering! This looks like the ultimate healthy comfort food 😀

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