Meatless Monday Strictly Paleo Vegetable Mash in The Slow Cooker

Welcome to my strictly Paleo vegetable mash in the slow cooker for Meatless Monday. If you follow Paleo and you want an alternative to the traditional mashed potato then this is it!

Welcome to my strictly Paleo vegetable mash in the slow cooker for Meatless Monday.

I am like many people that have grown up and mash and loves it as one of those child food staples that you still love as an adult. No matter how many American recipes I try out I will always be British and you simply can’t take the Brit out of the girl.

One of my favourite things when I lived in England was the bangers and mash. Or to the rest of the world sausages, mashed potatoes and gravy. Talk about a delicious cheap as chips dinner.

But I must admit that I have not had it for years. Its not that I have gone off it, I have just enjoyed lots of other foods instead.

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The best part for me though was the mash. Not only would I have it with sausages but also with a nice piece of meat such as some chicken breast or with some pulled pork.

This month on the food blog (as you have probably guessed) is all about Paleo recipes. I am on a strict 100% Paleo month and wanted to share with you easy, yet delicious family meals.

Well family cooking doesn’t get any better than mash. But you are shouting at me and telling me that the classic white potato is a banned food on Paleo. Well vegetables are the big name of the game and this is my slow cooked version of vegetable mash. This is made JUST with mash and is a delicious alternative to regular mash.

Serve it to the kids for their dinner and they’ll never realise the level of goodness they are enjoying!

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Meatless Monday Strictly Paleo Vegetable Mash in The Slow Cooker
Serves: 2.5l
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Peel and chop up all your vegetables.
  2. Place your vegetables into the slow cooker along with your coconut oil and garlic puree.
  3. Leave to cook on low for 6 hours stirring every 2 hours.
  4. Add the cauliflower sauce and seasoning to the slow cooker and using your masher mash the vegetables.
  5. Serve with chicken breast.
As the hubby puts it make sure you put a good tablespoon of sea salt into this dish for the best flavour.

You could also turn this into a baby meal for your toddler if you wish. Simply add extra coconut milk and place in a blender so that it is sloppy.

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