1. Two things: why are there comas in Euros, and who has leftover chocolate anything? It’s only chocolate you haven’t had time to eat yet. Saying that, this sounds pretty good. It’s textured, right? because of the cookies. I’ve never had textured mousse.

    1. Hi Jean,

      No idea why they put a comma in Euros they have always done that! They also put the sign after the amount and I grow up on the £ where the symbol was before. I think Belguim likes to be different when they put the Euro together 🙂

      This recipe was actually when I had loads of chocolate in and needed to use it up before we went on holiday. But it is unusual for us to have leftover chocolate 🙂 yes it is lovely and textured and tastes amazing. I just want to eat it now with all the talk about it 🙂

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