Inner Goddess Homemade Tomato Butter

Welcome to my inner goddess homemade tomato butter recipe.

Welcome to my inner goddess homemade tomato butter recipe.

This recipe is sponsored by Minna Rose & her Utterly Buttery Cookbook.

There are always restaurants that stand out for each of us and we all have different favourites. In the UK it was usually a Chinese or an Indian restaurant, just because they were all in competition with each other in the small towns that I grew up in.

However since moving to Portugal there is a lot better variety. With Expats coming to Portugal from a range of countries including Brazil, Germany, France & The Netherlands it means we have so many different cuisines to go at. But in truth I have become very much addicted to the cuisine of Portugal and really don’t miss my British roots.

The obsession in Portugal is meat either served at your table in the style of a Brazilian barbeque or where you have a hot stone and you have a range of meat on the table and you then cook it on the stone. One of these places that we used to go to a lot (which was a converted house into a restaurant) was an all you can eat place with meat sat in front of you for you to cook on your stone.

You would have delicious Portuguese sausages, flavoured chicken and beef, bits of pork and a few other things. It would then be served with rice, chips and salad.

But that wasn’t the highlight for us. What was the highlight was the starter. While you were sat waiting for the stones to warm up there was warm bread with tomato flavoured butter. The butter was amazing and I don’t recall before (or since) seeing butter like this.

So when I was asked to review and test a homemade butter and then flavour it, the first thing that came to mind was doing my version of my favourite flavoured butter. A taste of Portugal using a completely homemade butter.

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Inner Goddess Homemade Tomato Butter
Serves: 120g
Prep time:
Total time:
  1. Place your butter into a mixing bowl after you have made it.
  2. Peel and dice your onions into really small pieces.
  3. Add all your ingredients into the bowl and mix well with your hands. Do this for a couple of minutes or until all your ingredients are well mixed.
  4. Fridge for an hour before serving.
It’s important you make up the butter straight away as its much harder to mix if you have to wait for the butter to go hard and then soft again. I also froze a batch of this butter for a later date and to save on food waste.

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Utterly Buttery Cookbook

 Inner Goddess homemade tomato butter from

I don’t know about you but I love butter and its one of those things that makes food taste so much better. When you think of great food flavours there is always this comment afterwards when you say that it only tasted good because it had butter added.

Then after the realisation of how bad margarine is for your health, the butter came back to life and again everyone loves butter again.

But until now I had never even considered making it myself until I came across the utterly buttery ebook. To say it has been an education is an understatement. With the Kindle being flooded with low quality ebooks that don’t even bother with pictures of the recipes it is so nice to see a fantastic recipe ebook like this and on such an original subject too.

Not only does it give you the basic recipe to follow, but it also gives you a wide range of butter recipe ideas using the standard recipe.

After making it the biggest surprise it how much the real thing it is. I have never made butter before and I was convinced it was not this easy and after making it wondered why I ever bought butter from the supermarket. Though, because I am so used to shop bought butter it’s a shock of what it tastes like without salt!

If you are into clean eating then give this a go, unlike shop bought you are going back to the raw ingredient used to make butter and can add another food to your list that you know is not full of chemicals.

The tomato flair that I have added in this recipe is my own, using their master butter recipe so if you are looking  for more ideas than just the tomato flavour then check it out!

In terms of getting yourself one of these brilliant cookbooks you can explore more by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a good quality ebook teaching you how to make butter to you, I would say  CHOOSE THIS ONE.

Inner goddess homemade tomato butter recipe from using the Utterly Butterly Cookbook

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