Whole Duck Potatoes Extra Virgin Oliver Oil Thyme Salt & Pepper

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Step 1

Remove your duck from the packaging and season it well with salt and pepper. Add a layer of extra virgin olive oil and rub it into all the visible skin on the duck.

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Step 2

Place the whole duck on the rotisserie skewers and make sure it is secure before adding it to the air fryer oven. Set the temperature to 185c/365f and cook for 40 minutes.

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Step 3

Prep the roast potatoes. Peel and dice your potatoes add in the thyme and salt and pepper.

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Step 4

After 40 minutes remove the excess duck fat that has collected in the drip tray and put it to one side. Pour 2tbsp of the duck fat into the bowl of potatoes, toss and then add the potatoes to your other air fryer. Cook for 15 minutes at 160c/360f followed by a further 5 minutes at 200c/400f to crisp up.

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Step 5

Then place the duck back on for a further 15 minutes at the same temperature. Let the duck rest once cooked for 5 minutes prior to serving with your duck fat roast potatoes.

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