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Five days of simple air fryer recipes and tips to get you started with your new air fryer.

Are You New To The Air Fryer?

Packed with easy to follow practical air fryer recipes and tips, this 5 day air fryer quick start mini course is the real deal. Written by Recipe This who have 9 years of experience with the air fryer, it will help you become confident with the air fryer and stop you feeling like an air fryer beginner.

A new air fryer email is delivered to your inbox each day for five days as well as a FREE PDF Download. You can follow the mini course at your own pace and learn practical air fryer skills that you can put to good use.

  • Day 1 – Air Fryer Chicken At Its Best. The first thing we ever cooked in our first air fryer was breaded chicken. In the first day of the mini course we go into detail about the best tasting air fryer chicken and how to improve your technique.
  • Day 2 – The Biggest Air Fryer Mistakes. There are a lot mistakes that people commit when they first get an air fryer. I know this because we have made those air fryer mistakes too. In day 2 of the air fryer quick start mini course we run through the biggest mistakes so that you don’t make them.
  • Day 3 – Let’s Talk Air Fryer Potatoes. Away from chicken the most eaten food in the air fryer is potatoes. We will show you in day 3 the best ways to cook potatoes in the air fryer including our favourite air fryer potato recipes. Don’t be an air fryer beginner that throws out the air fryer just because you followed a bad air fryer potato recipe.
  • Day 4 – Preheating, Reheating & Defrosting In The Air Fryer. The air fryer is also perfect for preheating, reheating, and defrosting too. We will show you why most recipes don’t have a preheat, why reheating food in the air fryer is genius and how you can quickly defrost your favourite frozen food in the air fryer.
  • Day 5 – Cooking With Oil In The Air Fryer. Did you know that the most asked question about the air fryer in Google is where to put the oil? In day 5 of our air fryer mini course we will show you where to put the oil, what oil to use and our special technique for perfect breaded food.
  • Bonus Recipes – At the end of the free PDF download that you receive as part of the mini course you will also get 9 easy and practical air fryer recipes. You can read them, print them, and use them as your starting point for air fryer success.

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You might be wondering……

Who created this air fryer mini course? Samantha and Dominic at Recipe This. They have been air frying for themselves and their family since 2011 and have published more than 400 air fryer recipes and sold many air fryer ebooks. You will have the chance to get to know them better through the mini course.

Who is this air fryer mini course for? Beginners to the air fryer. Those that lack confidence with the air fryer, or those that want to learn more about the air fryer, but do not know where to start. Many of our air fryer subscribers have just bought an air fryer and are looking for new ideas.

How long will it take to complete the mini course? The course is delivered over 5 days with a different topic in each of the emails. BUT you also receive a PDF version of the course, therefore if you want a quick start version you can binge read and follow all the information in a couple of hours if that is more your thing.

What happens after the five days are up? There is the option to upgrade to our advanced air fryer mini course and learn even more about the air fryer. You will also have access to our air fryer newsletter where we share air fryer stories, tips, and recipes.

You don’t have to guess about the air fryer anymore or freak out because a bad air fryer recipe you followed didn’t work. Let’s work on it together.

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