Get Our Instant Pot Archives For Life!

Samantha here at Recipe This.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you very much for your past purchase of our Instant Pot Ebook. Every customer means so much to us and allows me to stay at home with my amazing children and teach them how to cook at such a young age.

As pre-schoolers they have tried more different recipes, then I had at aged 25. When we are recipe testing, they will be at our side, mainly moaning that a photo needs taking before they can eat! Or arguing over who will salt the chicken.

But I am sure you are here right now because you want to check out my AMAZING OFFER for lifetime updates of our Instant Pot Archives Ebook.

Well Here Is The Instant Pot Deal:

  • You get access to all our Instant Pot recipes forever, rather than just the ebook as it was when you bought it. Typically, we update it every 90 days, or as I like to call it QUARTERLY and each time this happens you get an email with the latest version to download.
  • If in the last 90 days we have created 30 new Instant Pot recipes, then your updated ebook will have increased by 30.
  • But what if over the next 2 years we have created another 100 recipes? Well you would get these too.
  • Or if we decide to go and improve an old Instant Pot recipe, well you would get that update as well!

It’s like a membership site of Instant Pot recipes, but one that you only pay ONCE for ever again and have the knowledge that you’re always getting new Instant Pot recipes.

It comes with an amazing 60-day money back guarantee and is provided to you in ebook format, making it easy for you to print what you need and organise your Instant Pot cooking.

The $20 fee IS A ONE-OFF PRICE offered only to our Instant Pot elite subscribers. EVERYONE ELSE PAYS $40.

Are You A Kitchen Gadget Addict?

If you’re like me then you probably have multiple kitchen gadgets that use regularly.

Here at there are 4 kitchen gadgets that we use at least once a day, if not more.

They are:

  • The Air Fryer
  • The Instant Pot
  • The Slow Cooker
  • The Soup Maker

We have created the opportunity that instead of JUST one you can get lifetime updates to all four for the Amazing Price of $75.00.

If you bought them separately you would pay:

  • $50 For Air Fryer Archives
  • $40 For Instant Pot Archives
  • $30 For Slow Cooker Archives
  • $30 For Soup Maker Archives

Costing a total of $150 but today you can grab all 4 with updates for life for JUST $75.00.