Cooking Vegetables With Gadgets

Teaching you one step at a time how to cook vegetables with the instant pot and the air fryer. Ideal for a new way to enjoy your vegetables and includes both fresh and frozen.

learn how to cook vegetables with gadgets

Are You New To Kitchen Gadgets?

I am huge fan of both the instant pot and the air fryer and have more than 700 published recipes featuring these amazing kitchen gadgets.

But while most people buy the instant pot for cheesecake and buy the air fryer for frozen fries, vegetables often get forgotten about.

They are the healthiest way to use these gadgets and you can have them as a side dish for dinner 2 minutes from now.

In this double bundle we will be sharing with you:

  • Air Fryer Vegetables. This focuses on vegetables cooked with the air fryer. From frozen vegetables to fresh vegetables we have all your favourites covered. But best of all you get to learn how to transform frozen vegetables into delicious roasted vegetables with hardly any oil.
  • Instant Pot Vegetables. I love that you can throw frozen vegetables in the instant pot, set the time to zero minutes and then come back when it beeps to perfectly cooked veggies. You can cook any vegetable in the instant pot, and they are the business.
  • Bonuses – You will also have loads of free bonuses too. Such as our 5 day mini courses, printables, free kitchen gadget cookbooks and so much more. We have a friendly community that share a love for everything kitchen gadget.
cooking vegetables with gadgets

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You might be wondering……

Who created this vegetable bundle?

Samantha and Dominic at Recipe This. They have been air frying for themselves and their family since 2011 and instant pot cooking since 2016. They have published more than 1000 kitchen gadget recipes and sold many ebooks. You will have the chance to get to know them better through their newsletter and community.

Who is this for?

Beginners to the air fryer or instant pot. Those that lack confidence with the kitchen gadgets, or those that want to learn more about cooking vegetables and quickly getting them on the dinner table.

Where did this bundle come from?

They are individual modules that people buy when they subscribe to Learn Your Air Fryer or Learn Your Instant Pot courses. They are one of the modules that readers receive as they work their way through the course. But of course, today as you purchased the bundle you get them for free.

What happens after I download?

You will receive an email from us with your download information. You will also receive an extra email with download information for our other kitchen gadget free downloads. As well as free entry into our mini course.

You don’t have to struggle with getting vegetables on the dinner table. You now have all the recipes you need. Let’s work on it together and enjoy our vegetables.

Can’t wait to talk vegetables with you,

Dominic & Samantha,