Self Raising Flour Brown Sugar White Sugar Butter Golden Syrup Whole Milk Vanilla Essence Milk Chocolate Chunks Chocolate Chips Handful Chocolate Chips

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Step 1

Load butter and sugars into a bowl and using a hand mixer, mix your fat into your sugar until you have a creamy consistency.

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Step 2

Add everything else apart from the flour and chocolate and using your hand mixer, carry on mixing until it is nice and creamy.

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Step 3

Add in the flour and using the low setting on your hand mixer, mix the flour into the other ingredients.

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Step 4

It will now resemble cookie dough and next add in your chocolate and then mix with a fork.

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Step 5

Make into 4 equal portions for giant cookies or 8-12 for smaller cookies. Then make into cookie shapes and load into the air fryer on a bed of foil. Air fry for 8 minutes at 180c/360f.

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Step 6

Add some extra chocolate chips on top before serving.

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