Zero To 500 Instagram Followers In 5 Days (without faking following)

zero to 500 instagram followers in 5 days

Welcome to zero to 500 Instagram followers in five days.

I set myself the challenge of getting myself up to 500 followers in the first five days of my Instagram account without any help from anyone else and I am totally against spamming on there, so everything that I planned to do was totally natural.

I was going to dedicate an evening to it each day when I was watching television as I wasn’t doing anything productive and a few updates while my tablet was in my hand was no big deal to me.

Plus in the evening is a fantastic time to hit both the American, Australian & European markets all at the same time.

Here you can see my account after 5 days (well the morning of the sixth day):

recipethis first 500 instagram followers

As you can see from the screenshot I have 589 followers already! It was a lot easier than I thought and after bringing my other accounts up to 3000+ followers over the first month, I knew I had it in me.

So this is how you do it:

#1 – Set up your profile

I don’t know about you, but I will not follow someone that doesn’t have a profile picture. It looks horrible and it makes them look like they are not serious about Instagram.

Also add a good description or your tagline and then include a link through to your website – after all you are into Instagram for traffic!

#2 – Post your first update

In your first update introduce yourself to the Instagram people. It doesn’t have to be a super long update just one that will get you the first interaction and the first followers.

We went with our logo and then welcomed people to our Instagram feed.

#3 – Post your blog posts several times a day until you’re up to date

When you start Instagram the chances are you’ll already have a blog with several posts to it. You are now on catch up trying to get all your posts onto your Instagram channel in a gradual way.

We started Recipe This on the 1st of November but didn’t join Instagram until the 10th December so we are really far behind. The plan for us it five posts a day, until we are caught up. Everything is up to date by the time you’re reading this, but this is what our beginning was really like!

Putting five posts on a day does take dedication but it can be done!

#4 – Tag away

A lot of instagram is about the tags – people search for things they are interested in and also use this method to find people to follow. You can do the same thing and make sure that each update you send out has about 12 tags. Aim for a mixture of tags that reflect very popular keywords and ones that are not so popular.

The good thing about the not so popular ones is that you will stay at the top of the results for a long time. Where as the big keywords you’ll only be there for a short period but you will get a good result!

#5 – Follow people

Follow people everyday. Pin point about five people that have a similar following to the followers you want. They might have a food blog in the same niche as you, or a different one but have similar interests.

Follow their latest 100 followers and then do this for a few different people. Do this about 3-5 times a day until your following starts to build up.

Also follow people that like you. Each time someone likes one of your Instagram updates have a look to see if they are your follower, if they are not then follow them! These people already have a connect with you so are a lot more likely to follow you back.

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#6 – Like & comment on your followers content

Have a look through the content in your feed from your current followers and following and like their content. This then brings you into the conversation.

Also comment on their content whenever you get the opportunity. There may be something that catches your eye so make sure you tell them and get involved.

This is all I did. I probably dedicated about six hours to this in total. Imagine in the long term if you spent half an hour a day on Instagram then that means a year from now you could easily have a following of 20,000 followers by this time next year.

When you think of it like that it is well worth the effort!!!

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