White’s Toatly Oaty Wild Fruit Review

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Welcome to my White’s Toatly Oaty Wild Fruits Review.

Did I ever mention that I am partly Paleo? Well when there is no porridge about, when there is no chocolate left in the cupboard, no crumpets with melted butter and most importantly when I am out of cheddar cheese. Okay so I am about 75% Paleo officially or 65% if you are following me around. But on the bright side I hardly eat any processed foods and eat more fruit and vegetables than anyone else I know.

But porridge – it has certainly got to be something worth treating yourself with. Not that I always liked it because as a kid I hated it with a passion. My parents were always on some kind of weird diet and I remember one where they had excessive amounts of porridge. There would always be some cooking on the hob when I came home from school and half the time it just looked like a big pan of sick.

Fast forward to about five years ago and I discovered flavoured porridge and thought it was something truly amazing. How you could quickly cook it in the pan with some milk and then you had a fantastic warm meal. Though, unlike most I would have it for supper rather than breakfast.

I LOVE Flavoured Porridge

What I hate about porridge is the hassle that you get from it. You have to weigh out the porridge, plan your sweetner, remember to add the right about of milk and then you taste it and it is not sweet enough or too sweet.

Compare this to a packet of sweetened porridge where you just add milk and cook on a medium heat and then you can see why people do it and why there is this big obsession with flavoured porridge.

Your kids will love it as well because it is a lovely flavour and easy for them to digest and will fill them up. That is unless you have a 14 year old boy like us that is always hungry and wants feeding an hour after his dinner!

White’s Toatly Oaty Porridge

"porridge oats review"

So here I am trying out a new style in flavoured porridge. I haven’t had porridge in a long time and it feels like something brand new. I have many flavours to try out and end up testing the wild fruit flavour.

Dominic makes it for me for supper and when I go to dive in I realise that this portion size can’t be right as it is supposed to be 35g worth and looking down at it I swear there is only 15g in the bowl. Then I look up at the guilty look on both Dominic & Kyle’s faces and realise that they have had a tasting session in the kitchen before bringing it through to me in the office.

So you could say it didn’t fill me up but it was certainly delicious. Very creamy thanks to being made up with whole milk and the flavours of the wild fruit is truly delicious.

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I could imagine having this for supper forever and never getting bored of it. Plus with all the other flavours they do why not. If you are partly on Paleo like me I am sure it is something you could imagine having that is not Paleo.

Why Buy White’s Toatly Oaty Porridge?

With something as delicious as this it is hard to limit the good points. So I have put together the top 10 highlights to help you make your decision over whether or not you want to buy them.

Here are 10 reasons to buy White’s Toatly Oaty Porridge:

  • Taste delicious and you can’t just stop at one sachet
  • Good quality oats
  • May help reduce cholesterol
  • Excellent source of fibre
  • Made from slow grown oats
  • Lovely flavour coming from the wild berries
  • Other great flavours to choose from
  • Very filling start to the day or have them for supper
  • Made with twice steam oats
  • Quality product for an excellent price

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So if you are looking for a delicious flavoured porridge then it doesn’t get any better than White’s and their Toatly Oaty. I love good quality products and this one certainly falls under that. They also do lots of other flavours so you are truly spoilt for choice.

"where to buy toatly oaty"

In terms of getting yourself one of these amazing White’s flavoured porridge packs then you can get yours by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a porridge product to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

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