Whitakers Mint Creams Review

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Welcome to my Whitakers Mint Creams Review.

Did I ever mention that I have a sweet tooth? Well if I didn’t let me tell you now that I have a huge one. Actually ever tooth in my mouth wants to be attacked by delicious chocolates and sweets and desserts oh and don’t get me started about cake.

When it was my daughter Sofia’s 1st birthday last November we had a beautiful cake made especially for her. It was the shape of a number one and it was based around Winnie The Pooh and friends. It was enough to feed forty yet here I am having at least a third of the cake.

I clearly have sugar issues!!!!

So when Whitakers sent me 2 kilos of their mint creams to review it was clearly my job to do so and I couldn’t knock a gift horse in the mouth……

I love mint chocolates

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I must admit to being an addict when it comes to mint chocolates. Growing up my Dad’s favourite chocolate was always After Eight Mints. If it was his birthday I would buy him some and hope he hadn’t noticed that I had stolen a couple before I had wrapped them up!

He would always complain when anything but the brand was purchased and I had no issues with that as I loved them.

Then I also had a soft spot for the Mingles chocolate box that Dominic would buy me most Christmases and then of course summer is not the same without mint chocolate chip ice cream.

On the other hand Dominic and my son Kyle absolutely hate mint in their chocolate. So I am sat here with 2 kilos worth of chocolate that is ALL for me!!!! I got comments like “why couldn’t it be chocolate orange?” but if it had of been I would have had to share it with them, which is not something I like to do!!!!

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Whitakers Mint Creams

So here I am with this huge box just full of 2 kilos of chocolates. I don’t think I have ever had this amount of chocolates in front of me before. Even the selection tubs at Christmas have never been this size.

From a flavour point of view it reminds me of the chocolate creams that you get in restaurants after the meals and After Eight Mints. Though because of size each one is like the size of three After Eight Mints.

It also has the vote of my Dad who is normally really picky about brands but has fallen in love with these.

I also love to support my own and it is nice to see another company coming out of Yorkshire, somewhere that was my home for my childhood.

They are beautifully packaged with each one covered in this pretty silver foil. The money saver in me says to buy these for Christmas presents and then pack them up into bags for the different kids you have to buy presents for; you could end up saving a small fortune.

There is a serious potential to get fat with these though as with them being sold in 1 kilo packages you may forget when to stop.

But most importantly they are like heaven in your mouth and once you have one you will soon be reaching for another!

Why Buy Whitakers Mint Creams?

With something as delicious as this it is hard to limit the good points. So I have put together the top 10 highlights to help you make your decision over whether or not you want to buy them.

Here are 10 reasons to buy Whitakers Mint Creams:

  • Taste delicious and you can’t just stop at one
  • Because they are individually wrapped you can share them out around friends and family
  • Good quality chocolate
  • Taste like traditional mint chocolate giving you a bit of nostalgia
  • Rich and luxurious dark chocolate
  • Direct from Yorkshire
  • Perfect to serve at dinner parties with coffee
  • Direct from a family company with old fashioned family values
  • Lovely minty flavour coming from the peppermint oil
  • High quality dark chocolate covering

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So if you are looking for a delicious chocolate snack then it doesn’t get any better than Whitakers and their mint chocolate creams. I grew up in Yorkshire and with this company having the same location you know it is going to be something special as the local area is known for its high quality sweet treats.

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In terms of getting yourself one of these amazing Whitakers Mint Creams then you can get yours by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a chocolate cream product to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

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