What You Should Be Cooking In Your Airfryer (an open letter to my fat self)

"what you should be cooking the in airfryer"

Dear Fatty,

This was you back in 2012 in the same year that you bought yourself the airfryer:

"overweight in 2012"

And you had this grand idea to lose weight. It involved your new airfryer that you had just bought that you had seen advertised in a diet magazine. You suddenly saw that you could make amazing fries without much oil and then all of a sudden your problems would be over and you’d be slim again.

Those homemade fish and chips that Dominic made you would be gone. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones were it would be dripping in batter and be fried in loads of batter. And then when it had finished cooking you would go back and get the scraps that were floating about and you would have British fish and chips.

Which god knows why you had it as you don’t even like fish and chips.

But because you didn’t care about the calories that entered your body why did it matter?

So you decided to buy an airfryer as it would suddenly mean cooking was easy again and you could cut out all those fat fryer calories. Suddenly you could drop 2000 calories a week off your intake and that would become a miracle.

You now had a fantastic expensive piece of equipment that would help you lose weight and help you eat healthy.

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So what did you do?

You filled it with freezer food from Iceland and even though you no longer had your battered fish you were now having processed chicken nuggets, fish fingers and a whole range of other things that were worse for you than the original fish.

And before you knew it you were even unhealthier than how you started.

Fast forward three and a half years and what you thought was an expensive bit of kit (that has been used nearly everyday since) still works perfectly and you have finally learnt how to eat healthy out of it.

Gone are the chicken nuggets (aren’t they the processed food that Jamie Oliver hates the most?) and they have been replaced with meatloaf, homemade chicken nuggets, chicken wrapped in bacon and a huge range of homemade cakes and buns.

And thankfully this has played a part in me now looking like this:

me now

So thanks for reminding me of where I have come from and where I have gone and for me finally seeing reason that an airfryer is for healthy (nearly always) oil free cooking.

But I can understand why I did this as when you get something new like this there is always the urge to keep in with your usual bad habits. But I changed and I am much healthier having done so.

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