Welcome to week 10 of our real life food blogging

real life food blogging week 10

Expect to get a front row seat as we plan, build, generate traffic and monetise Recipe This. Many bloggers share the story from the point of view of when a site is already a success, yet here I am sharing it from day one. Hopefully, there wont be too many embarrassing moments going on….but you never know!!!!

I am sure you don’t want me waffling on and you want to know what we have actually being up to this week……

Food Blogging

I know I said this last week and the week before and the week before that. But as a food blogger it doesn’t get any bigger or better than creating content.

This week we have officially finished our recipes for January which focuses around recipes using the Soup Maker. By next week we plan to have them all put together into an ebook and published to the Kindle & Draft2Digital.

The first of our two ebooks has done really well on there and by focusing my blog content around my ebooks, it allows me to do two jobs at once.

So we have two ebooks planned already for our content for February and then we plan that once the site has been around for about a year that we will have at least 15 ebooks working side by side with our content.

So with this in mind content is certainly king!

Recipe Submission Sites

We are all focusing now on the recipe submission sites and each time we post a recipe the recipe then gets submitted to the recipe sites with the help of my virtual assistant and my freelance writer.

The sites we are focusing on the most right now are:

We have live recipes on all these sites and it is nice to see the traffic that is coming in from them and how it is all adding up. For example out of those the highest traffic site is Food Gawker and this is the traffic at the time of writing this:

traffic from food gawker

We have found that after two weeks using these sites that we have received:

  • 313 visitors from Food Gawker
  • 59 visitors from Taste Spotting
  • 27 visitors from Healthy Aperture
  • 21 visitors from Dishfolio
  • 3 Taste Of Home

So for the sake of a couple of hours a week and we have an extra 423 visitors. We are also looking into other recipe submission sites to see how we can improve on this.

Ditching the bad

It is never too early to ditch what is not working and work harder on what is. We are doing some analysing this week to see how things are going and what we want to get rid of.

One thing that we will be ditching is Reddit as it is just not worth the effort. I counted less than 25 visitors in a month from five hours work. It would be easier to mass comment on Facebook updates and get more traffic than to do this!

But I will be back next week to show you what we have dropped!

Hiring New Staff

We are also looking for Filipino virtual assistants and we are in the process of some new hires. We have three team members from the Philippines and we have not hired in a long time and want to expand on our team.

We will put together how we do this so that you can learn how to do it yourself!

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New Social Media Has Started

We have also started our new and improved social media. We are now focusing more on blog engagement, using hashtags and general spreading the news about our site. We have three of us working on this. There is me doing the day to day posting of new content, my virtual assistant doing the back end work and my freelancer that does the blog engagement.

It is interesting to see how this all comes together and we can’t wait to see the results we get from it. On the first day we got 12 new FB likes so we must be doing something right and we have not paid for any FB likes which is a BIG bonus.

What’s Next?

Rinse and repeat. I know that sounds bad and very basic. But it is all about finding out what is working and then rinsing and repeating it. We are wiping out poor traffic sources and instead building better ones.

Out with the bad and in with the good!!!!

Our ebooks are selling really well on Amazon and we plan to create (at least) one a month so that come November when the site is a year old we will have at least 10 ebooks bringing in daily sales.

And also if you have 1 ebook that is selling 70 copies a month, then create 1 a month and then after a year those little ebooks are worth $1750 a month. Then when you consider it is passive income then even better.

Meet The Milners

Samantha and Dominic

Dominic & Samantha Milner are the founders of RecipeThis.com. They love cooking, blogging and being full time parents to their three food obsessed kids. They cook with their kitchen gadgets everyday and love sharing their homemade recipes. Their favourite foods include chocolate, air fryer burgers and macaroni cheese. You can learn more about them here or you can sign up for their free newsletter here.

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