No Suet Dumplings Minced Beef Onion  Carrots Celery Sticks Tinned Tomatoes Tomato Puree Extra Virgin Olive Oil Parsley Mixed Herbs Salt & Pepper Frozen Peas

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Step 1

Peel and dice the onion and the carrots as well as cleaning and slicing the celery.

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Step 2

Use the sauté function to sauté the onion, with extra virgin olive oil.

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Step 3

Once the onions are sautéed add in the minced beef and brown all over but don’t cook.

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Step 4

Then add everything else into the slow cooker (apart from the peas and dough) and mix well. Slow cook for 2 hours on high.

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Step 5

Whilst the slow cooker is doing its magic prepare the cobber dough.

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Step 6

After 2 hours stir in the peas, fork test your carrots to make sure they are cooked. Add in a little mashed potatoes to thicken if it’s not thick enough.

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Step 7

Load up with cobbler dough, pushing them down a little into the mince and then slow cook on high for 2 more hour before serving.

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