Turkey Crown With Stuffing Celery Sticks Medium White Onion Medium White Potatoes 3 Medium Carrots White Wine Frozen Turkey Stock Mixed Herbs Salt & Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray

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Step 1

Peel and dice your onion, carrot, celery, and potatoes. Load into the Ninja Foodi and sauté with extra virgin olive oil until your onion has started to soften. Cancel the sauté and deglaze with white wine. Mix with salt, pepper, and mixed herbs. Add your frozen turkey stock over the vegetables.

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Step 2

Place the trivet into the Ninja Foodi and press down so that it is sturdy. Add your turkey breast, breast side down and place the lid on the Ninja Foodi. Pressure cook for 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute natural pressure release.

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Step 3

Use the trivet to easily remove the turkey and put it to one side. Collect up any stuffing that has dropped and make into stuffing balls. Load what’s left from the Ninja Foodi into the soup maker.

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Step 4

Add the air fryer basket into the cooking pot, add the turkey breast back in, this time breast side up, spray with extra virgin olive oil and add extra salt, pepper, and mixed herbs. 

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Step 5

Air fry for 10 minutes at 200c/400f to make the turkey skin crispy.

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Step 6

Then blast the soup maker on the blend setting to make a creamy gravy.

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Step 7

Serve your turkey breast with the stuffing and gravy.

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