Rutabaga/Swede Carrots Instant Pot Veggie Stock Thyme Salt & Pepper Butter optional

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Step 1

Place 2 cups/480ml of veggie stock into the bottom of your pressure cooker. Then peel and then gradually slice and dice your swede and your carrots into medium sized chunks.

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Step 2

Load into the Ninja and season well with salt, pepper, and thyme.

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Step 3

Next mix with your hands in the Ninja Foodi and then place the lid on the and set the valve to sealing. Pressure cook for 15 minutes.

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Step 4

Do a quick pressure release and then drain any excess liquid with a sieve. And remove the liquid from the cooking pot.

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Step 5

Then using a masher, mash your carrot and swede with some butter and extra salt and pepper. Then serve.

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