Ham/Gammon Pineapple Rings Pineapple Juice Honey Mustard Garlic Puree

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Step 1

Pour pineapple juice into your inner pot and then add in your trivet with handles.

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Step 2

Mix the marinade ingredients into a little bowl.

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Step 3

Add your cooked ham to a layer of foil with enough foil to wrap around the ham loosely.

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Step 4

Then add your marinade over the ham making sure the ham is fat side down.

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Step 5

Once the ham is covered in its delicious marinade use cocktail sticks to hold pineapple slices in place, then loosely wrap the foil around the ham but careful you don’t prick yourself on the cocktail sticks.

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Step 6

Place the foil covered ham onto the trivet. Then place the lid on the instant pot. Set the valve to sealing and then cook for 27 minutes followed by a 10 minute natural pressure release.

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Step 7

When pressure has been released, use the trivet handles to easily remove the ham from the instant pot, then remove the foil, cocktail sticks and pineapple and allow the ham to rest for 5 minutes.

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Step 8

Once the ham has rested it can be sliced and served with your favourite sides.

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