Pork Chops White Onion Garlic Cloves Mushrooms Extra Virgin Olive Oil White Wine Butter Thyme Salt & Pepper

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Step 1

Peel & dice the garlic and onion and place it into the Instant Pot inner pot. Add the extra virgin olive oil and sauté for 3 minutes or until the garlic and onion are cooked.

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Step 2

Dice the mushrooms into small quarters, add them into the pressure cooker and stir constantly for about 3 minutes, so that everything is well mixed but so that the mushrooms are not cooked.

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Step 3

Season the pork with salt and pepper and sear in the juices inside the bottom of the pressure cooker. 2 minutes on each side for the pork chops is enough though do make sure the pressure cooker is nice and hot.

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Step 4

Place the pork chops over the mixture making sure the bottom of them are in the sauce.

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Step 5

When they are cooked remove the pork chops and stir the sauce. If the sauce is too watery drain and then add a bit back in at a time until you have the correct consistency of your mushroom gravy.

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