Cauliflower Instant Pot Veggie Stock Salt & Pepper Grated Cheddar Cheese Onion Extra Virgin Olive Oil Philadelphia Cheese Cheddar Cheese Dried Mixed Herbs

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Step 1

Let’s start with the cauliflower. Add the veggie stock to the bottom of the instant pot, then add the steamer basket and then add cauliflower which you have chopped into medium florets.

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Step 2

Pressure cook cauliflower for 3 minutes so that the cauliflower is still firm and just fork tender as it will carry on cooking. Then do a quick pressure release.

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Step 3

Remove the cauliflower and place in your container, then also put the veggie stock to one side. Peel and slice the onion and start sauteing it in the instant pot with a little olive oil.

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Step 4

When the onion has softened add the cream cheese and then slowly add the veggie stock until you have a creamy cheese sauce.

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Step 5

Add in grated cheese and then cancel sauté to stop the cheese sauce spitting at you and stir in extra seasonings.

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Step 6

Pour the cheese sauce over the cauliflower and add some extra grated cheese.

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Step 7

Place a cup of water (240ml) into the instant pot and deglaze it to stop it burning. Add the trivet and the container and pressure cook the cauliflower cheese on zero minutes. This will melt the cheese and finish the sauce and then serve.

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