Air Fryer Pie Crust Large Eggs Brown Sugar Double Cream Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Nutmeg

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Step 1

Firstly, get started in making your pumpkin pie filling. I always get this started first then I can be making the pie crust as it pressure cooks. You only need 500g of cubed pumpkin to make a medium sized pie.

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Step 2

As it goes to pressure, make your pie crust. Rub the fat into the flour and sugar and gradually add in the water until you make a soft pie crust dough.

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Step 3

Spray your cake pan with extra virgin olive oil and rub it in with your hands to make the can pan non-stick.

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Step 4

Then roll your pumpkin pie dough on a clean worktop with some flour and then cover your cake pan. Cut around the edges. When the instant pot beeps, mix up your pumpkin pie filling and then pour over your pie crust.

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Step 5

Place the uncooked pumpkin pie in the air fryer and then air fry for 12 minutes at 170c/340f and then a further 5 minutes at 160c/320f.

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Step 6

If you have pie crust and filling left over, then roll some out and cut ready for mini pumpkin pies.

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Step 7

Then load into the air fryer and cook for 12 minutes at 170c/340f.

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