Camembert Round Bread/Biscuits 

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Step 1

Let’s air fry camembert. Remove the packaging from the camembert and then turn the camembert over so that its bottom is now its top and it is sat in its cardboard container.

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Step 2

Then slice the top of the camembert until you have 4 lines of slices and then do the same again in the other direction.

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Step 3

Brush with your marmalade or alternatively brush with olive oil.

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Step 4

Place the camembert into the air fryer basket still in its box and air fry for 10 minutes at 180c/360f or 12 minutes if you prefer it much runnier. Check when the air fryer beeps if it is melted enough and adjust if needed.

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Step 5

Then serve the camembert with bread, biscuits, or a mixture.

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