Jalapenos Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minced Garlic Spring Onion/Green Onion Grated Cheddar Cheese Streaky Bacon Cilantro/Coriander Leaf Salt & Pepper

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Step 1

Let’s air fry jalapenos. Place the whole jalapenos on a chopping board and slice lengthways. Then using a teaspoon carefully remove the seeds. Place the seeds in the bin and wash your hands to avoid eye rubbing soreness and then get your bowl out ready for making your filling.

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Step 2

Into the bowl add the cream cheese, chopped onion, garlic, grated cheese, and your seasonings. Mix well with a tablespoon until well mixed.

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Step 3

Using a teaspoon stuff the jalapeno halves with the cream cheese filling. Then slice your bacon in half lengthways and wrap a layer of bacon around each stuffed jalapeno. Then hold in place with a cocktail stick or toothpick.

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Step 4

Rinse and repeat until all the jalapenos are done and then air fry for 10 minutes at 200c/400f or until the bacon has a crisp to it and then serve.

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