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Welcome to my review for the Wartmann Deep Frying Pan.

I received my courier delivery of my Wartmann Deep Frying Pan a few weeks ago now, but thanks to being so busy it wasn’t until Saturday night that I finally got the opportunity to test drive it and to see how good it really was.

I and frying pans have never got on that well together. You see I buy them, use them and then end up having a stick rather than a non-stick and having to bin it and start the cycle all over again. Because of this I tend to buy the cheap frying pans and then chucking them in the bin on frequent occasions.

But this is not just me and frying pans but with all pans, so I have always gone for cheap and cheerful. So when I was given the chance to review the Wartmann’s deep frying pan, I was worried about damaging the pan and not doing it justice.

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I decided to use it to make something super simple. That way I couldn’t burn it and at the same time see how good it is. I made some Bolognese in it ready for making a homemade Bolognese pizza.

I mean anyone can make Bolognese can’t they?

Yes and I did and it tasted amazing. Though that is probably more me than the kitchen gadget!

Cooking With The Wartmann Deep Frying Pan

The first thing that got my attention was the white base. I have never had a white frying pan before and as I watched the onions frying away it got me thinking. I realised that being white it was perfect for cooking. You could see how much oil was in the pan and then you could see for real whether or not you needed to add oil or not. This could then help you with weight loss and stop you piling on the pounds.

I was also super worried with its white colouring how quickly I would end up losing the white and it looking scruffy. But it made it through my cooking without a single scratch on it.

Even better it was super sturdy and could handle me bashing it in the middle of the cooking process. I have this habit when I am cooking of being really heavy handed but I found that no matter what I throw at it, it had no issues.

I was cooking a homemade Bolognese and realised that I hadn’t got a fresh carton of tomato sauce out of the freezer. This meant that I was bashing the frying pan with a wooden spoon trying to break up my completely solid tomato sauce. Quick a kitchen experience and if it can handle this, then it can handle anything!

And for the first time ever I actually have a frying pan with a lid and this is certainly a novelty in our household.

Then it passed Dominic and his cleaning test of being something that was easy to clean without him having to soak it for hours.

The Wartmann frying pan is now away in our cupboard and I can imagine it will be used a lot in the future for both one pot dishes and also as a frying pan and as a Wok and given its size I bet it would make an amazing paella.

Why you should buy the Wartmann Frying Pan

I would recommend the Wartmann frying pan just because it is sturdy and perfect for all occasions. If it can handle me then it can handle anyone. Buy it for your kids when they leave home, use it to help teach your kids to cook, use it for everyday cooking or use it for when you want a one pot dish.

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Top 10 reasons to buy the Wartmann Frying Pan:

It is incredibly sturdy

Can handle a lot of bashing

Comes with a lovely white non-stick base so you can see your cooking much better

Good quality

Comes with a lid for set and forget one pot cooking

Easy to clean

ILAG ceramic coating

Made with diecast aluminium

Integrated easy grip handles

Optimal heat distribution

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That’s A Wrap!

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In terms of getting yourself one of these Wartmann Frying Pans you can get yours by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a frying pan to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

Unfortunately if you’re based in the United States it is not available but the closest one we found was this one.

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