Tunnock Chocolate Coated Caramel Biscuits Review

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Welcome to my Tunnock Chocolate Coated Wafer Biscuits Review.

I am back with my sweet tooth (again) and this is actually one of my childhood favourites so to review it as an adult and to share it with my son for the first time is a real treat.

I remember growing up my Grandparents (who had a huge chocolate addiction) would have a container full of chocolates in the fridge for when you went around for a visit. My Dad would always be straight in there and I wouldn’t be far behind him. While he would tuck into a KitKat I would be lost in caramel heaven with one of these delicious wafers.

They were very caramel based so they were never good for you if you had bad teeth but for the rest of us it meant more for us!

Normally when I get a delivery of samples come in the box is handed straight to me to do with what I wish. But on this occasion the boys saw the chocolate and I needed to get in quick in order to do the review before they ate them all! I even had to take to hiding them in a spare cupboard so that I would actually get to eat some.

The weird thing was that while the package was being opened I was watching an old episode of Cold Feet when they were talking about them. It was clearly back in the days when there wasn’t the same advertising rules on television as nowadays brand information is always erased from the packaging.

The Chocolate Coated Caramel Biscuits

"chocolate wafer biscuits"

The word “biscuits” doesn’t really do them justice as they are more wafer than biscuit and are really chewy on each bite thanks to the high quantity of caramel in them. They taste delicious and when you eat one, you want another so it is a good job that when you buy them from Amazon that you get a pack of 48.

The most important thing for me is the size. After all its not just men that worry about size but us women with their chocolate too. Dominic bought me some Quality Street for our wedding anniversary in January. The Quality Street tubs have just got smaller and smaller yet the price has gone up and up. And from a consumers point of view this really annoys me and I get really angry at the huge price we now pay for them.

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Yet you look at these chocolate wafers and they are the SAME original size. I don’t know about you but I really don’t know many companies where this still applies. It makes you wonder how all these kids are getting fatter yet they don’t have super sized chocolate bars to get through now.

But considering these have not dropped from their original size it is a surprise to see that they are only 134 calories. For a chocolate bar that is really not bad. Also because of the caramel in the biscuit it takes a while to eat them so it is not like a bite from a Mars Bar and suddenly it is all gone and you want another.

I also love the packaging. It is very vintage and reminds me of the old fashioned chocolate that these wafers are all about. Don’t you just hate it the way brands change the flavours of their products or even change the name? Well with the Tunnock brand you know what you are getting and you are proud of their origin.

Why Buy Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Chocolates?

Did I say they were delicious and that the caramel was the highlight? Or that the wafer element made it last longer? Or the fact that compared to other brands you don’t feel ripped off? Well if that was not enough here are a few more highlights!

Here are 10 reasons to buy Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Chocolates:

  • Come in either coconut covering, milk chocolate or dark chocolate
  • Can bulk buy packs of 48 on Amazon
  • Coated with the finest chocolate
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Excellent value for money at just 33p a bar
  • Just 134 calories each
  • Old brand that you can trust
  • Your kids will love them
  • Just 10% of your daily recommended sugar
  • As soon as you taste them you know they are made with high quality chocolate

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So if you are looking for something special in your chocolate then it doesn’t get any better than this.

Even better this is not all that they do as we also love their milk chocolate tea cakes. But if you want those you better be Bridget Jones otherwise your man will probably eat them all! As I know this from experience ladies so beware!

With the teacakes they taste like heaven and it reminds me of the centre of a profiterole with the thick creamy centre and the chocolate on the outside. It also has a crunchy base that makes it perfect.

As I tuck into it for the sake of the review (as clearly the ones I had during the week don’t count) I get a dirty look off Dominic who says and I quote “how dare you have the last one” to which I smile!!!

Though in my defence it was supposed to be six each (after all it is a pack of twelve) and I left one on the armchair of my sofa and only came back to find the packaging and no teacake because my dog felt it was too good for humans!!!

"where to buy the chocolate wafers"

In terms of getting yourself one of these amazing chocolates from Tunnock’s then you can get yours by clicking here. If I were to do it again and/or if I were to currently recommend a good chocolate caramel wafer product to you, I would say CHOOSE THIS ONE.

You can Buy these wafers if you are located in the united states by clicking here!

And of course don’t forget to try out the teacakes and they will have you begging for more.

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