Top 25 Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $10

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The Top 25 Best Ever Kitchen Gadgets Under $10. The ultimate gift guide of my favourite kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools and kitchen accessories that I recommend when you are buying gifts on a budget.

Top 25 Best Ever Kitchen Gadgets for under ten dollars
Top 25 Best Ever Kitchen Gadgets for under ten dollars

Best Kitchen Gadgets For Under $10

One of the worst things about not having much money or being in debt is when it comes to gift giving. Friends birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the list goes on and on.

I have been both the person with hardly any money and the one receiving gifts from people with little or no money and I will tell you now, it is about putting the thought into the gift and making the effort for someone else. NOT a high-ticket gift.

My aunt growing up was very poor and I remember her getting me a mood ring. I was at the ideal age for it and thought it was the best gift in the world.

Just like my grandad who was poor would look through rubbish for presents for me and then do up and upcycle what he found, and they were AMAZING.

But thanks the likes of Amazon and online shopping we are able to research the best ever gifts to buy for our budget and with us being the food blog that you go to when you think KITCHEN GADGETS, that I thought it was just perfect to put together a thoughtful list of the top 25 kitchen gadgets for under $10, then you can choose your ideal cheap gift for the kitchen gadget obsessed person in your life.

Top 25 Best Ever Kitchen Gadgets Under $10

Top 25 top kitchen gadgets for under 10 dollars at

Let’s get this kitchen gadget gift guide party started, shall we? Below are the top 25 kitchen gadgets that I recommend for under ten dollars.

All of these kitchen gadgets maybe cheap, but they are thoughtful and essential to the typical kitchen.

You can also scroll down to the bottom and access a quick link list of all the 25 kitchen gadgets we recommend for under 10 dollars.

As well as this we have a free printable to make gift planning even easier.

PLEASE NOTEat the time when we researched these kitchen gadgets, there were all under $10. We also checked the prices against several retailers and several places where we like to shop to get you the best bargain hunting gift guide.

#1 Air Fryer On Ebay

If you have not read my Air Fryer on Ebay guide yet, then you must as they are some amazing air fryer deals. I did a thorough research and found that those that were not very good at storage wars were selling brand new air fryers on ebay for $5-$10 without realising their worth. Click Here To Read More About It.

#2 Instant Pot On Ebay

That same rule can apply to getting an Instant Pot on Ebay too. We even saw one brand new good quality Instant Pot selling on Ebay for as little as 1 cent. When Ebay first became a thing, I would buy lots of Christmas presents on there, and save a small fortune. You can also use that same idea for any kitchen gadgets that family members are obsessed with. Click Here To Read More About It.

#3 Herb Scissors

Even when you are no good at growing your own fruit and vegetables, growing a few herbs on your windowsill is a walk in the park. Get your best friend a pair of herb scissors for her Birthday and she can improve her herb growing technique. Click Here To Read More About It.

#4 Egg Yolk Seperator

Rich or poor, good or bad at cooking, we all need an egg separator in our kitchen drawer. They make cooking so much easier and quicker and you’re not waiting around or wishing that you could do it better. I list an egg yolk separator on my most important kitchen tools list. Click Here To Read More About It.

#5 Ikea Bag Clip Set

I would love a pack of these for Christmas. My clips for my bags usually involve the clothes clips that we use from pegging our washing line and look so ugly in my kitchen drawer and are never practical. These Ikea bag clips fall under the practical things that we need in our kitchen. No more frozen peas falling out of the bag! Click Here To Read More About It.

#6 Reusable Black Labels

I was gifted something similar to these earlier in the year and never realised how useful they were until I had them. Its something that you didn’t know you needed but once you have it, there is no going back. They are the perfect gift for that family member that loves to have an organised pantry. Click Here To Read More About It.

#7 Julienne Peeler

I love my julienne peeler and it is just perfect for quick easy cooking. I use it the most to shred carrots with so that I can make a carrot version of pasta. But we also have our own favourite use of them and if you know someone that doesn’t have it, then I recommend you treat them to one. Click Here To Read More About It.

#8 Kids Taco Holder

I love getting kitchen gifts for my kids and I look at this train taco holder and I am totally in love with it. It is just perfect for your kid that loves tacos and a quick search, and I found a dinosaur one and some other ones. Though am I too old for one at 37? Click Here To Read More About It.

#9 Set Of Ramekins

You know I have about 10 different ramekins in my kitchen and still say that I don’t have enough! They are perfect for cooking with and there is much more than just souffle and crème brulee to be made in them. We use our ramekins the most in the air fryer for breakfast dishes as well as for quick chocolate desserts. Click Here To Read More About It.

#10 Garlic Press

I love having a garlic press in my kitchen and with my addiction to fresh garlic and cooking garlic in everything, it is perfect for me. If you have a friend or family member that loves home cooking and loves garlic, then it can be the ideal cheap gift idea. Click Here To Read More About It.

#11 Corn Zipper

Perfect for those that love to cook with corn and want an easy way to zap the corn off its cob. They are a great handy kitchen gadget tool and I am sure you will be unique if you buy your friend one of these. Click Here To Read More About It.

#12 Pineapple Corer

Just as useful is having a pineapple corer. You can use this handy kitchen gadget tool to quickly remove the core from your favourite fresh pineapple in seconds. No more of spending what feels like hours to remove the core from the pineapple manually. Click Here To Read More About It.

#13 Egg Topper

An egg topper can be just as useful in the kitchen. Simply slot it onto the top of your egg and you have the perfect sliced shell. No more losing bits of cracked egg into your soft boiled egg. Click Here To Read More About It.

#14 Knife Sharpener

If there is a frugal gift that we all need, then it is a knife sharpener. Thanks to a knife sharpener, those blunt and awful old knives will be as good as new. Dominic sharpens our knives regularly with our knife sharpener and I am amazed by what a good job a knife sharpener does. Click Here To Read More About It.

#15 Meat Thermometer

A food safety one for you. This is a gift I would buy my son if he was feeding himself at college. Just because when you start cooking meat safety is not on the top of your agenda. But using a meat thermometer can change that and get you understanding the temperature of your meat to make sure it is cooked properly. Click Here To Read More About It.

#16 Knife Resistant Gloves

I love these gloves for people like me, that literally cut themselves every time they cook. I am always shouting DOMINIC, to tell him that I have cut myself yet again. So, when I was gifted a knife resistant glove, I was the happiest food blogger ever! They are also perfect for if you are more likely to burn yourself or cut yourself in the kitchen. Such as the blind, children and of course the elderly. Click Here To Read More About It.

#17 Plastic Measuring Jug

I love having a plastic measuring jug and it comes in so useful in the kitchen and beyond the kitchen too. I use it mainly when I am mixing stock with warm water or what I am measuring is away from the typical 1 cup, ½ cup method. But what it also doubles up for in the Milner house is when I am rinsing the kid’s hair when I am showering them! Click Here To Read More About It.

#18 Handy Measuring Cups

I also have a set of handy measuring cups in my kitchen too. They live high up in a cupboard away from the kids. That is because they think they are one of their toys and I end up having to replace it after losing one of them. I like to have a colourful set of measuring cups, but you can always have a browse and decide which one you prefer to give as a kitchen gadget gift. Click Here To Read More About It.

#19 Lemon + Cheese Zester

My husband Dominic doesn’t trust me with one of these, complaining that I always grate my fingers. But if you can get one like this one, then it’s a lot safer compared to what they were like when we started Recipe This back in 2015. Or even better if you gift someone one of these include the knife resistant gloves to save those fingers! But when you do get a lemon zester, I have to say they do an amazing job especially with those difficult to zest limes. Click Here To Read More About It.

#20 Dumpling Maker

I love this as a super cheap, but practical and thoughtful kitchen gadgets gift. You simply load your dumpling ingredients into the dumpling maker and press down. The same cool kitchen gadget can also be used for ravioli or other foods that your friend likes. Click Here To Read More About It.

#21 Pretty Apron

I am the kind of cook that looks a right mess after I have finished recipe testing. I will have flour marks on me and plenty of other splashes. It wasn’t until this year that I got myself an apron. We all need one and how about updating the apron of someone on your gift list? There is also plenty of choice of aprons if you have a browse, depending on who you’re buying for. Click Here To Read More About It.  

#22 Napkin Rings

Got someone on your gift buying list that makes a lot more money than you, are into the good things and is always having dinner parties? Well if that is YOU then I recommend you buy some cute little napkin rings instead. There is so much choice with this and napkin rings are a really cheap present to buy. Click Here To Read More About It.

#23 Wine Glass Charms

In a similar way to the napkin rings, wine glass charms are also very popular and great for giving as gifts. My mum is obsessed with them and I couldn’t think of something that she loves more. She is always entertaining and joining friends over a bottle of wine. Perfect for any lady you know that loves her wine. Click Here To Read More About It.

#24 Wine Bottle Stopper

Another thoughtful gift for your friend or family member that likes their wine is a wine bottle stopper. These wine bottle stoppers come in a pack and you they then have plenty to choose from to keep their wine bottles fresh. You can also have a browse as I found many fun versions for the fun Christmas present for your work colleague. Click Here To Read More About It.

#25 Cookie Cutter Set

For the final addition to this kitchen gadgets under $10 gift guide, must be this set of 3 cookie cutters. If there is one thing that we all need in the kitchen for baking with, it must be cookie cutters. They can be used for cookies, biscuits and a range of other baked goods. Click Here To Read More About It.

Top 25 Kitchen Gadgets for under $10

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