The Lantana Smart Sharp Sharpener Review & Giveaway

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Welcome to the Smart Sharp Sharpener review and giveaway at Recipe This. This is sponsored by Lantana and their Smart Sharp sharpener.

I will start right now by saying I am the biggest danger to the kitchen that you can possibly imagine for a food blogger. In fact if you saw me in the kitchen sometimes you would wonder how I ever ended up cooking as my way to make a living.

I am partially sighted thanks to a stroke when I was born and have always had terrible eye sight and also have epilepsy that is very sensitive to bright lights. This is a bit like photo sensitive epilepsy but slightly different.

Well anyway it never stops me being creative in the kitchen and I absolutely love cooking. It is my passion and has been for a number of years and my life certainly revolves around food.

One thing I have plenty of is cuts on my fingers. Dominic will always take over when there is a big sharp knife involved and will never leave me alone with anything bigger than a bread knife.

I think he is trying to tell me that I can’t be trusted!

However I do tend to keep pointing out that my cuts are always off the vegetable knife and never off his super sized catering knives so not quite sure why he has such a problem?

I always respond with comments that if he kept the knives sharp then maybe I wouldn’t cut myself as much as I do!

Lantana Smart Sharp Sharpener

Okay so I now have a knife sharpener that doesn’t frighten me and that I am happy to actually touch. The one Dominic has is kept on the top of our kitchen cupboards and I a) can’t reach it and b) it is meant for professional chefs and is huge and scares the life out of me!

So when we were given the Lantana Smart Sharp Sharpener we were really looking forward to giving this one a go and seeing what all the fuss was about.

The first thing that appealed to me was the size of it. It is a normal size and perfect for mums like me that are either too lazy to use a big knife sharpener or don’t know how to.

It also has a heavy duty non-slip rubber base. This means that people like me that are as blind as a bat can easily sharpen the knives themselves.

It also has full instructions so it means people like me that are not professional chefs and just like to cook with safety on their side can do so.

Lantana Smart Sharp Sharpener – Should You Buy It?

Absolutely! I loved the fact that it was a fantastic buy for people with very little knife skills. These days we are not taught cooking in the school classroom anymore, so we rely on food blogs and food TV shows to teach us our cookery.

This means that because the focus there is just on the cooking we forget about health and safety and in particular keeping our knives sharp in between using them. If we all had something simple to use like the Lantana Smart Sharp Sharpener then we could all be that bit safer in the kitchen!

Here are ten reasons to buy the Lantana Smart Sharp Sharpener:

  • Amazing value for money
  • It is perfect for badly sighted people
  • You can restore all your knives to perfect sharpness
  • Would make a great gift
  • 3 stage sharpener for perfect results every time
  • Very good stability
  • Good size for fitting in your kitchen drawer
  • Suitable for both left or right handed people
  • There is no suction cups to worry about
  • Optimised angles for perfectly sharpened knife blades

Here are ten reasons to buy the Lantana Smart Sharp Sharpener

You can buy your knife sharpener from Lantana by clicking here.

Welcome to the Smart Sharp Sharpener review and giveaway at Recipe This.

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  • avatar Romano Čirke Oct 18, 2016, 9:21 am

    Smart Sharp Sharpener has come this morning and I was left pleasantly surprised how good is.
    Thank You one more time for this useful prize.

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