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Spiralizer Giveaway | Enter your chance to win the Inspiralizer Product Range that is perfect for Paleo followers.

Welcome to the Inspiralizer giveaway bundle at Recipe This. You can find out all about the Inspiralizer by clicking here.

We are really excited about this giveaway because not only is it one of our favourite products but our monthly theme starts today and go together like salt and pepper.

For starters this month’s theme on Recipe This is all about Paleo. The idea of living and breathing a healthier style of life and really enjoying your food. When meat, fish and vegetables take a prime slot on your plate and you end feeling the healthiest you have ever felt.

For the past year and a bit we have followed the Paleo way of life. We have quit unhealthy processed foods and replaced them with better alternatives. We have eaten the most vegetables we have ever had in our life and we can’t believe the improvement it has provided to our health. We never realised that giving up things like shop bought mayonnaise, ketchup and soy sauce could change our life.

Since October last year we have agreed to stick to the Paleo way of life 75% of the time. We are not perfect and sometimes when you are eating out it is hard to find something that is Paleo on the menu. But for the month of October of 2016 (a year later) we will be 100% Paleo and nothing will stand between us and Paleo.

But what I always remember about last year, especially when I was taking part in the Whole30 was that I didn’t feel like I was equipped as well as some other members were. I ended up not being educated enough and I felt the meals I had could have been better. It was only the day after I finished my Whole30 that I actually realised that there was such a thing as a spiralizer and that I could have had amazing spiralized vegetables instead of pasta all along.

I was absolutely gutted and I made it my mission to buy one and use it as part of my Paleo lifestyle.

Therefore when I was looking for a specific theme this month for the October giveaway I fell in love with the idea of doing it with a spiralizer and educating others that healthy eating doesn’t mean going without.

In this giveaway it is your chance to give your health that extra chance and discover a new way of cooking!

What Do You Get In The Inspiralizer Giveaway Bundle At RecipeThis?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Retail Value $78.23

After the giveaway has ended we will inform the winners by email within 72 hours and they will have a further 72 hours to respond with their shipping details.

How To Enter This Exciting Giveaway

To enter the giveaway you must do 1 of the following or all of the following for 9 entries:

The #Inspiralizer #Giveaway at gives you the chance to win a brand new #Spiralizer + lots more!Click To Tweet

The Giveaway Rules

You must be a resident within the Europe Union, United States or Canada or have an address to send goods to that is within those countries. You MUST also be 18 years or older to enter. You can not put in duplicate entries. You may have up to 9 chances to win if you do all the suggested entries above.

All social media entries must include the hashtag #Inspiralizer and #giveaway.

If you are not a social media follower then you may enter the giveaway by leaving an honest review of the last 2 Podcasts on Itunes for our cooking tips theme.

Please note we are not affiliated with these social media sites, or with ITunes.

Winners will be announced at the beginning of November 2016 and the giveaway is open between the 1st of October and the 31st of October and we wish you all the best of luck!

Please be sure to visit the Inspiralizer products page to find out more about their products and to explore the benefits of Paleo and using spiralizers within your cooking.

If you already have a spiralizer don’t forget to check out all of our spiralizer recipes on the blog that you can access here.

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