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Welcome to the best recipes of 2016 at And we are proud to be showcasing the most popular recipes of the last 12 months.

Recipe This started at the back end of 2015 and now that we have had the chance to have a full year of recipes we thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you the best recipes on our blog and exactly why they have been such huge hits.

When you are writing your content for your food blog you are often getting recipe after recipe created and published based on what you feel is a good recipe or in many cases an AMAZING recipe. You look at it and try it and think that it really, really rocks. That is says something about you and you just want to eat it over and over again.

It then makes its way onto your blog and you think you’ve hit the wow factor in a sense of social sharing, people talking about your recipes or subscribers emailing you to thank you for the content.

But quite often it is the other way around. The recipes that you like but you think that they will do okay actually end up being the big hitters and the other stuff gets forgotten about.

Then from the point of being a food blogger, you’re often got such a gruelling content calendar that you end up with favourite recipes and don’t have the chance to eat them for ages again because you have the next recipe testing to do.

So we have looked through our archives to see what has had the most shares, what has had the most search engine traffic as well as what has been talked about the most.

#1 – Sweet Potato Fries

Airfryer Recipes | how to make the best ever airfryer sweet potato fries from

This recipe only came out at the end of October but it has already had over 500 social shares and is proving to be very popular on Pinterest when people want easy fries recipes using their air fryer. I personally love this recipe and its become my favourite way to use up my sweet potatoes the night before grocery shopping day.

#2 – Chicken Biryani With Cauliflower Rice

"chicken biryani with cauliflower rice"

This is our most shared recipe so far on and you can see why. Most people love Indian food but the truth is it is always full of either double cream or white rice. In this recipe we are using cauliflower rice instead and its truly delicious.

#3 – Air Fryer French Fries

Here is How To Make The Best Ever Air Fryer Fries

This recipe has always done really well and even though it’s a simple recipe its because our biggest reader base are those that are interested in air fryer cooking and the first thing they want to cook in it is French fries so its no surprise that this recipe has had over 1000 shares.

#4 – Air Fryer Doughnuts

"iced doughnuts"

This is another of the big hits and I believe the reason this one has taken off so well is that we all want to do baking in our air fryer and the fact that we can make delicious sticky doughnuts with pink icing on top is truly amazing.

#5 – The Ultimate Air Fryer Burgers

"Burgers cooked in an air fryer"

This is another popular one of the year and is one of my personal favourites. I just love making burgers in the Air Fryer and then having them for a quick lunch or supper. We buy our meat in bulk from the local hypermarket and they do the most amazing mixed beef/pork mince.

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#6 – Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets

"chicken nuggets not mcdonalds but air fryer chicken nuggets"

Whether you’re a kid or an adult we all love chicken nuggets and how delicious they can be. But as Jamie Oliver often points out, they are made from the rubbish of the chicken and are really bad for us. But in this recipe we will be using chicken breast and the results are amazing.

#7 – Chocolate Chip Cookies

"Air fryer choc chip cookies"

These are Dominic’s delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies and they are so amazing and I just never want to stop eating them. Though we work off European portion sizes not American so I am always complaining that there is never enough!

#8 – Air Fryer Chocolate Muffins

"easy choc muffins"

If you have chocolate chip cookies then I am sure it is no surprise that we also have chocolate muffins too. They are full of flavour and trust me when I say you’ll want to eat more and more of them!

#9 – Flourless Cheese Sauce

"best cheese sauce"

This is a very popular recipe especially in the search engines. The cheese sauce is made with cauliflower instead of butter and flour and is so much healthier. It’s a family favourite of ours too and once you’ve made a cheese sauce like this then there is no going back!

#10 – Honey & Mustard Pork Balls

"mustard pork balls recipe"

I love these honey and mustard pork balls and they are also popular on our social media channels too. They are really quick to make and make a great supper with some homemade tomato sauce and some pasta. Or if you are like me, if you have some leftover pork and just want a delicious snack.

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