The Best Mealthy Accessories

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The Best Mealthy Accessories. Introducing you to the best Mealthy Multipot Accessories and what accessories we currently own here at Recipe This.

The Best Mealthy Accessories
The Best Mealthy Accessories

Mealthy Accessories

As I write to you today, to share with you our must have Mealthy accessories, I have owned my Mealthy Multipot for a couple of months and my Instant Pot Pressure Cookers for close to 3 years.

I know it can be so overwhelming when you get your Mealthy Multipot out of the box, with deciding what Mealthy Accessories you need, and which Mealthy Accessories are pure hype.

Or even worse, which Mealthy Accessories you should buy that are made by Mealthy, compared to what other brands are out there.

So today, I will be sharing with you everything you need to know about Mealthy Accessories and then it will help you make your mind up.

What Is A Mealthy Pot?

Mealthy Multipot Review

But first if you don’t have a Mealthy yet, I recommend you read our Mealthy Review or our Mealthy Multipot vs Instant Pot Pressure Cooker comparison.

In a nutshell, a Multipot is an electric pressure cooker. It is a cute little one pot that does everything. It steams, it makes yoghurt, it slow cooks, it makes tender stew, it is a frying pan, a rice cooker and so much more.

That is why I took my Mealthy on vacation and will do so many times again in the future.

Mealthy Multipot Review

My Mealthy Multipot Accessories

Mealthy Multipot Review

Firstly, what is important to know that I mentioned a lot in my Mealthy Multipot Review is the fact that unlike many brands of electric pressure cookers, Mealthy includes plenty of Mealthy Accessories when you purchase your first Mealthy.

During your purchase you will find that those from the image above are included.

  • The Large Steamer Basket
  • Silicone Mitts
  • Measuring Cup + Spoon
  • Trivet (steamer shelf)
  • Sealing Ring

Here they are in the Milner kitchen:

Mealthy Accessories - what extras to get

So already you know that you don’t need a big steamer basket as you already have one, as well as having a spare sealing ring.

But then it brings you to your Mealthy Accessories wish list. After my own Mealthy arrived I decided on getting the following Mealthy Accessories:

  • Extra set of sealing rings
  • Silicone lid
  • Extra inner pot
  • Glass lid

These are also the main accessories sold directly on the Multipot website and you can order them later, or as you purchase your Mealthy.

Here are all our official Mealthy accessories, including the Mealthy in our kitchen right now:

Mealthy Accessories - what you get

Mealthy Accessories Alternatives

There is always this big debate when it comes to buying and sourcing accessories for your Instant Pot or Mealthy. Specifically, if the accessories must be owned by the brand. Some types of accessories I would recommend you use the brand, but others you can often source a cheaper alternative.

  • The sealing rings for example. If you used a cheap brand of sealing rings (instead of the official brand version) then your guarantee may be void if you need to return your Mealthy. However when I travelled last summer with my Instant Pot and needed a last minute sealing ring as mine broke I used a non-branded one and it did work okay, but I wouldn’t advise doing this.
  • The steamer baskets you could use any. There are few that are specific to the brand and many of the steamer baskets I recommend are not available by the official Mealthy brand.
  • Best value for money.You will find that there will be sales on and that the Instant Pot and Mealthy brands are the exact same size when it comes with the silicone lid and the inner pot. I know many savvy shoppers that will buy whichever is cheapest and then use this with their pressure cooker.

With that said I recommend the following accessories to use with the Mealthy beyond those sold on the Mealthy website:

My Top 5 Mealthy Accessories Must Haves

My Top Mealthy Accessories Must Haves

There will always be the must have Mealthy accessories that are a lot more essential than some of the others. The ones that once you own a Mealthy and have purchased accessories, that you will use the most.

Below are the 5 Mealthy Accessories that I simply can’t live without:

#1 – Spare Mealthy Inner Pot

Perfect for when you’re cooking leftovers and want to have a quick clean inner pot to put your next round of food in. Or you might be making yoghurt and want to have a meal on the table for dinner. As well as this it is nice to have a back up plan if something goes wrong with your original inner pot.

#2 Silicone Mealthy Lid

I never got a silicone lid with my original Instant Pot, but when I got a Mealthy I realised how much a silicone lid had been missing from my life.

It is great for keeping odours separate in your fridge, keeping flies off your food when eating outside and best of all for travelling with.

#3 Mealthy Hand Blend

I don’t have this one, but I do have one that I purchased from Lidl and use a lot in my pressure cooking. Think of all those types you make a broth, a soup, a stock or a sauce in your pressure cooker. Just grab your hand blender and you effortlessly have smooth food in the Mealthy.

Even better they fit inside the inner pots for travelling with.

#4 Mealthy Crisp Lid

It wouldn’t be fair, if I didn’t mention the new accessory on the block. It’s getting all the buzz and it is an accessory that turns your Mealthy into an Air Fryer.

Just think of all those meals you don’t cook in the pressure cooker because you want them crispy. Well you can now!

#5 Pressure Cooker All In One Accessories Bundle

I love the bundles that you can get for your Mealthy, it is perfect for getting lots of different items to use with your Mealthy, rather than buying each one of them individually. Plus, like any multi buys, you can save a small fortune by doing so.

My favourite is this 22 piece set, though there are many others to choose from.

Mealthy Multipot Accessories Unboxing

Now watch the video as we unbox our brand new Mealthy Accessories and get a close up account of what Mealthy Accessories we like and why!

Buy Your Mealthy Accessories Today!

I recommend that you check out the official accessories first at Mealthy. There you will find most of the Mealthy Accessories that I have mentioned today. As well as that, below are the links for the other Mealthy Accessories that I recommend that you use alongside your Mealthy:

Can’t buy it now? Then pin it for later!

My Top Mealthy Accessories Must Haves

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