The Art Of Grating & Zesting With Simon The Cook Zester

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Welcome to the art of grating and zesting with Simon The Cook Zester.

I am a huge fan of watching cookery shows on the TV (though I never get to watch as many as I would like). The lack of shows to watch is down to the fact that we live in Portugal and only have one cookery channel to go at. It is the Portuguese version of the Food Network and it is full of a handful of shows and most of my favourite shows are not there, that I used to love watching when I lived in the UK.

In fact most of them that we now watch involves Americans with very broad accents and because of cultural differences what products they have are completely different to us and it is like they are talking Chinese to me.

But what I did used to love watching when we lived in the UK (or when we used to have access to British TV) were the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. They were quality chefs and offered a whole variety of home cooking for people like me and you (the mums and dads out there) that wanted to make family home cooking easier and a bit healthier along the way.

Well one of the things that always becomes the focus of attention is Jamie Oliver and his obsession with the food processor. We would watch his 15 minute meals and 30 minute meals too and be impressed by how quick he could cook a meal.

My chef hubby pointed something out to me though and that is that the washing up would then take you 45 minutes after you have finished cooking the meal and that he would rather have a little bit more preparation time along the way.

So my food processor often ends up left in the cupboard and gets totally forgotten about, because even though it can grate cheese, make breadcrumbs or grate a carrot, it takes so long to set up and then wash up afterwards that I have kind of lost my love with it. Plus with all the different attachments it has, makes it a big headache.

Introducing Simon The Cook Zester

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But what about something simple that fits into your knife and fork drawer in the kitchen instead? Something that is simple to use and so much fun too. Not to mention something that you can clean in less than a minute.

As a kitchen gadget blogger I have found that there are all these little tools that brands are telling you are the next thing. I get them sent all the time and only the best make its way onto the blog.

So I bet you are wondering why we have a zester on here? Well in a nutshell they make work in your kitchen so easy. I am a frugal person and my cheese grater was one of my parents wedding presents. They have been married for just over 40 years and even though it is scruffy and not that sharp it is fine for a big chunk of cheddar cheese.

But for anything else it is useless and this Simon The Cook Zester is new and modern and sharp rather than blunt.

It is smaller and rather narrow making it perfect for your cutlery drawer, though we keep ours on a shelf as we have a 2 year old girl that thinks it is her duty to touch everything and I could just imagine her trimming her finger nails with it, if she was given the chance!

But the question you probably want to know is….what is it good for?

Well we found that it worked incredibly well for grating cheese, grating dark chocolate, grating ginger, the zest from the lemons from our lemon tree, garlic cloves, carrots, cucumber, tomato skin, courgette or even biscuits for a cheesecake.

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So next time you think that an investment in a zest extractor is just for lemons and oranges then think again. Our all time favourite use for it has to be for digestive biscuits for using in making a cheesecake or a banoffee pie.

Though do let me know what you personally use it for!

Simon The Cook Zester Review

We like to have the ultimate test on a new zester by trying it out on the lemons from our lemon tree. They are often right in the sun and they can be a bit soft for grating. Quite often I will use them with my old battered and bruised grater and I will either cut myself (just think when you try to chop with a blunt knife) or hardly any zest will come off the lemon.

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So I like to test a new zester to see how it goes and whether or not it can handle my obsession with lemons.

So I tried it…..and it was so powerful that my lemon had gone bald. It was like an old guy that needed a hair transplant. Absolutely nothing was left and my baking bowl was left with lots of cute little strands of lemon zest.

There was no need to worry about big lumps of lemon zest that would ruin my lemon biscuits instead it was lovely fine bits of lemon and they were all perfectly grated.

Then while the biscuits were cooking in the Airfryer I went to wash the zester. I counted to 10 in my head and it was clean. That was it. So it really gives a food processor a run for its money with how long they can take to clean.

Our verdict – well as my grandad would say “it does everything it says it does on the tin” or the little box as it comes in.

It was easy to clean, easy to use, perfectly fitted in my knife and fork drawer, is sturdy, copes well with small pathetic looking limes that need a helping hand and best of all I feel really safe using it with how accident prone I can be in the kitchen.

It also rests perfectly with a nice hand support over the bowl when you are zesting and comes with a lovely silicone support.

You can put it in the dishwasher but I really don’t see the point in this. When it cleans so fast what is the point in putting it in the dishwasher when you are done?

Overall – it is a brilliant bit of kit and perfect for an additional kitchen tool for your kitchen. It is also one of those tools that you wonder once you have it how you coped without it before. I’m sure it will keep me company in my kitchen for years to come!

Buy Simon The Cook Zester

If you would like to buy Simon The Cook Zester (the same one we have) or explore the rest of their range then you can do so by clicking on the banner below:

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Or alternatively if you are from the UK you can order them from Amazon right here.

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