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Recipe This started in November 2015. Actually it was mid month because we had so much content that we were working on that we wanted to get on with making the site shine. So it ended up launching with back dated blog posts and as I write this at the end of January we have already had more than 100 posts published. We have also had more than 10,000 visitors all from organic traffic and generated more than $2000 in income.

Via our newsletter we will be sharing with you how you can achieve this in your first 10 weeks of food blogging along with our other experience that we have gained over the years. We built our frst food blog back in 2009 and have loved food blogging ever since. But we have never been in it for the long term, it has always been a quick income and then a quick sell. So you get to join us as we make it a long term career.

But before you go and enjoy the recipe ebook I wanted to share with you the inspiration behind Recipe This and how the journey to this website started……

Well for starters Dominic & I used to be really fat. Not a little bit fat like John Travolta or Kirsty Alley but real big like Dawn French & Oprah. We had got fat from eating unhealthy foods and feeling like we were too tired to cook so why not just have another takeaway?

We educated ourselves about food, lost weight, got fit and realised that there was a lot of people out there like us. Not necessarily people that were obese but lots of families that have made bad food choices and most of the time it has been because they can’t cook or don’t want to cook.

Recipe This is about us showing others that you can eat healthy and it doesn’t take long to achieve. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen and it is so nice to enjoy your food and know where it has come from.

From the point of view of internet marketers I have got sick to death of recipe blogs. You know the ones I am talking about. The ones that take half an hour to load and have such huge pictures it takes forever to get down to the recipe. I also found loads of food blogs that were not monetised and realised that I could do better. So here we are!

But remember to be a food blogger you don’t have to be a perfect cook or a perfect blogger you just have to want to be successful and put the hard work in!

I hope you enjoy our food blogging newsletter and best of luck with your blog. We would love to hear how you get on so do get in touch either by email or social media.


Dominic & Samantha